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  1. Mr.Capitalism

    How to Start a Successful YouTube Channel in 2020/2021

    Hola, hola! Thankyou So Much! alexian I will definitely be digging into this... My partner who had several 2 million follower channels just walked.. Is anyone Else doing this?? I'd love to share Strategies & Tactics. I definitely want to talk to people who are doing this fulltime! / or about...
  2. Mr.Capitalism

    Anyone Using eBay without Paypal?

    I found out eBay is rolling out a system where they're going to have an in-house Replacement for Paypal! in the next couple of years. (supposed to be Q1 2021, they said 2 years ago.. but let's be realistic! It's a Stranglehold) Curious - Is anyone else doing this? Using eBay Without Paypal...
  3. Mr.Capitalism

    $100 a day seems to be the benchmark

    Loving This! Blogging about our Successes (and Failures) takes a lot of Courage... Because we All started from Nothing! Wish you well!
  4. Mr.Capitalism

    SAN vs NAS: The Comprehensive Guide with A Detailed Comparison

    Btw, your Dedicated server Pricing is really Good!! looking at AMZN's a1.2xlarge 8 N/A 16 GiB EBS Only $0.204 per Hour *720 = 146.88 Almost 2.5 Times! your entry level, and is Xen based not even dedicated, EBS only storage. Fun Story: I had a friend with a $7 million Startup.. now $64m...
  5. Mr.Capitalism

    SAN vs NAS: The Comprehensive Guide with A Detailed Comparison

    Hi! tk-hassan Really great information! Glad to see there's there's other technophiles on here as well! :) When I came here 10 yrs ago, there was a clear separation between the techs/coders who we hired.. and the marketers - us. So great to see you're getting info out about how this...
  6. Mr.Capitalism

    ATTN: Sellers and buyers both please read

    SELLERS: In order to prevent negative reviews you need EXCEED the buyer's perceived value of your offer! Value (marketing) - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia It's very simple. Over-deliver on what you state in your sales copy. And then some...
  7. Mr.Capitalism

    Exact Match Domain Orgy!

    Search for "Nikon D7000 price" and Go a few pages deep in the SERPs... this is hilarious.
  8. Mr.Capitalism

    How to Autoapprove "Group" messages?

    Well, this may be a simple settings problem, but I couldn't find it/figure it out a month ago.. and yep, still can't figure it out.. So i made a MMD "Group" for the Y! Answers tool.. apparently that makes me a "group maintainer" or something.. The question is: Is there a way to set it to...
  9. Mr.Capitalism

    An Invitation To The Yahoo Answers Marketing Group

    Thanks BigRed. the group is public soo anybody should be able to join, at any time. I sent you a friend request btw.. There is one specific problem that I would like to solve soon - an automated way to make YA profiles! I know we can just get Ymail accounts for $.004 a pop. But I figure...
  10. Mr.Capitalism

    Help With Auto Posting To Yahoo Answers

    Hi. Well i definitely won't want to get involved in the stuff above. ^^^ But I do have a question: Do you know a way to auto create lots of unique redirecting or shortened URLs? I feel like when several my accounts get flagged, the urls I used become less effective. I am using your...
  11. Mr.Capitalism

    Sound off on what you do DAILY to make money.

    ^^^ Good idea Tish.. I did the same thing a few days ago. I honestly could not get any of that stuff to work. Now I'm starting over, learning media buying and PPC, instead of looking for "shortcuts".
  12. Mr.Capitalism

    Noob Method For DMR Or Faked Referrer

    Thankyou aj for your quick replies! Hoping i can give back to the thread in some way. for other noobs like me Based on what you said, I found the: Masking urls with Domain Forwarding Tutorial: Godaddy. Forwarding or Masking Your Domain Name - Search the Go Daddy Help Center here's...
  13. Mr.Capitalism

    Noob Method For DMR Or Faked Referrer

    Hi! yes, i mean what programs or "scripts" would you use to track visitors to your referring page(s) and which traffic sources are converting on the offer page(s). I've heard there are a few main technologies for tracking: pixel tracking - (requires the merchant, or CPA company to...
  14. Mr.Capitalism

    Noob Method For DMR Or Faked Referrer

    Thank you thank soo much! this answered several questions that I had. even ones that I posted on MMD Answers. I never thought It could really be that simple (faking /& cloaking)! I guess I will be off to learn about private proxies and servers now. one more noob question.. Do you...
  15. Mr.Capitalism

    An Invitation To The Yahoo Answers Marketing Group There’s a lot of Competition out there. Yahoo Answers is probably the *most competitive one, because it’s soo big. I propose that all serious MMDers, who have recently purchased the Gforce Yahoo Answers bot to come...
  16. Mr.Capitalism

    Offline Promotion Hot off the Press!

    This is the One and only part of the forum that I have not ever read before. The "Offline" stuff. It looks great though! I will definitely have to, when i get time, grab a cup of tea, and browse around some more.
  17. Mr.Capitalism

    The American Dream: How Internet Marketing Has Changed My Life

    High goals. Nice! what type of traffic source, monetization model are you planning?
  18. Mr.Capitalism

    How To Clone a Landing Page

    How can you clone someone else's page and make it look like it's on your site? I heard about people doing this before, which seemed unethical, But now I found one that I think I will have to try: How is this guy cloning a sharecash page on his own domain, and making it look like a url...
  19. Mr.Capitalism

    The American Dream: How Internet Marketing Has Changed My Life

    I read your whole Journal thing: One thing that bothers me Is that I can't explain this whole IM stuff to my friends or family, They COmpletely don't understand where I’m coming from and what I'm trying to achieve here. They all come from the "worker" mentality - so to them the only way to...
  20. Mr.Capitalism

    HELP ME . . . Name this tool please . . . .

    Yeah. "Traffic Flux / Link Flux" is a domain name i actually wanted to buy for my own SEO company (which doesn't exist yet). But it's been taken, sadly. Maybe i'll get them one day. I just remember from physics, "flux" being the amount and rate that a force (such as electric field) that...