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    How can I start selling this Service?

    Hey, I am thinking of doing something new. I want to have a coaching session in the self help niche. I don't think this can be sold in clickbank cause this is not a PRODUCT. It's more like a one on one session with people. I am going to charge a few $100 for one on one coaching sessions to...
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    Have bought hosting and installed wordpress on my site. What next?

    Hey guys, So I have bought hosting and domain from hostgator and installed wordpress from CPanel via Fantastico De Luxe. Now what are the other steps I need to take such as themes, plugins (All in one SEO?), Meta tags, h1, h2, h3 tags, etc. This is my first time building a site for Marketing...
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    What is the difference between domain and hosting. How do I get it?

    Hey guys, I am looking to get hostgator and wordpress for my first site. I don't know how to set it up though. I want to get wordpress to do my hosting for ease of use since this is going to be my first site. Appreciate it
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    Looking to start a website. Please provide your suggestions on hosting and domain picks

    Hey guys, So I am going to start my OFFICIAL blog website on self help. I was wondering what domain / hosting I should get. I have got a suggestion to go with but I heard from a lot of members in MMD to go with Host gator. Can you please provide your opinions on which domain I...
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    Hey. BUT that's not all. I need some help.

    Hey everyone in the mmd community. I just found this site today and am loving it. I see a lot of programs and content that is helpful. Keep posting you pro ppls! lol Now for me, I am just a noob. That's really how I can describe myself in the world of affiliate marketing as of now. I basically...