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  1. d.crozier7

    How can I hide iframe code in webpage source code?

    I am using iframes for many different things, hidden iframes mostly. But I need to know how or if it is possible to not only make an iframe not visible in the webpage as I know how to do that already. But how can I make the iframe code not visible in my webpage source code? Any help or...
  2. d.crozier7

    How to safely get iframe traffic?

    I have a network of adult sites with lots of traffic, I need to iframe a new non-adult site that already gets traffic on my adult sites so I can boost my alexa rank and google analytics so I will be able to join some better CPM networks that only accept high traffic websites. How can I do this...
  3. d.crozier7

    Working in a different country?

    I am wondering if anyone here is working online as an IM'er in a different country, but earning money from another country with a currency of higher value.... I was recently looking at currency exchange rates and living expenses in other countries. I live in the US and was thinking if it is...
  4. d.crozier7

    How do I click a javascript button?

    I am working on a home project to automate a task so I can improve my time management. I am using a web browser control and need to automate the process of clicking a javascript button. I have tried to click the button by it's value but it is not working and I cannot click the button by ID...
  5. d.crozier7

    [GET] Redirect On Steroids

    Sales Page: Virus Total: Download: - Redirect On
  6. d.crozier7

    I will create a software for you

    Hello fellow MMD members, my name is David and I wanted to start a thread for people to reply their requests of which softwares they would like made. I create softwares in visual basic. So for anybody and everybody that want's a software made just write a reply explaining what you want made and...
  7. d.crozier7

    Visual Basic Source Code Help

    I am working with visual basic. I have been working on some softwares, one of which I want to share here at MMD when it is finished. I have hit a roadblock here and there and solved my problems by doing lots of research. But one thing I still can't figure out how to do is, Click on an image in...
  8. d.crozier7

    Resource Needed

    Hello fellow MMD members, I am working on an email scraper in ubot. I am making it with the intentions of sharing it here at MMD. I need one online tool though. I need an online email ectractor that allows you to upload a text file. I can find dozens all day but they are only ones that you can...
  9. d.crozier7

    I Will Return The favor Anyway Possible

    Well...I am posting here as a last resort because I am trying to create an email extractor. I have been using Imacros for a while now and made a few bots, but for an email extractor I am having a lot of trouble trying to figure out how to do just 2 things.. I need this macro to extract emails...
  10. d.crozier7

    [HELP] BuddyPress WP Plugin

    I have started using the buddypress wordpress plugin, it enables a wordpress site to be a social network. But I have been searching high and low and can't figure out how to put ads in the buddypress theme. I am using version 1.2.9 of buddypress and I am unable to put ads on the site, I can't...