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  1. Monopoly

    [Back to $100/day] Monopoly Scales Up

    Anyone who knows me or has read my old journals knows I was working on a new method a few months back. It was a complete retake on what I used to do but involved a *lot* less SEO work and more actual marketing. It also meant less work, more profits and the work that was there I actually...
  2. Monopoly

    Google Disavow Tool

    Google is finally giving us a way to discount links we didn't put there. They've spoke publicly about negative SEO and this is how you prevent negative links from hurting your site. Source: Google Launches Disavow Links Tool Now that said. There's been a bunch of 'SEO is dying' complaints...
  3. Monopoly

    The Most Honest Three and a Half Minutes of Television

    Last time I tried to do this video wouldn't embed properly on the first post so in case it didn't work hit this link: The most honest three and a half minutes of television, EVER... - YouTube It's not IM related or a motivational video or anything but it's a part of a TV show on HBO called...
  4. Monopoly

    Google PR Update

    I know technically this belongs in the SEO section but most people (not all of course) seem to at least do a bit of SEO and it's handy to keep up with this kind of thing. Google had a PR update this week so you might want to check over your sites. Updates happen a few times a year and don't...
  5. Monopoly

    SERPS Checking and Market Samurai

    Every SEO course out there seems to suggest Market Samurai. It seems to just be the 'go to' keyword research tool. But actually it's pretty slow compared to a lot of the alternatives. And a couple of months ago they lost their rank tracker which was the only reason I ever booted up Market...
  6. Monopoly

    Loads of IM/website owners emails

    Good job AddSocials. Way to know what you're doing. view-source: MMD won't redirect that link properly. It's the Chrome URL for viewing the source of a...
  7. Monopoly

    Make Money with Diablo III

    Before I really got into IM I made some money selling virtual items and currency in games. It was usually a bit of a cat and mouse game because the developers didn't want you doing it but within Diablo III apparently Blizzard are regulating gold farming by allowing it to happen. I haven't...
  8. Monopoly

    Penguin on the Monopoly Board

    The day before the Google Penguin update at the end of last month: I woke up and saw my $200+ profit from the day before. I started half a dozen different SEO split tests on different sites to see what was working after the Panda change a few days before. I'd picked up a course from a marketer...
  9. Monopoly

    SOPA Back Again. Sign This.

    Fight for the Future | Obama's SOPA 2012
  10. Monopoly

    Tweet Attacks AC is Down

    Just heard this today. Apparently Twitter had the host of the TAAC take it offline. Apparently they haven't been able to do anything about Tweet Attacks itself but the account creation software might go the way of the Dodo.
  11. Monopoly

    BuildMyRank (BMR) is dead.

    Normally I'd ignore the Google PR machine but it looks like what they were saying about private networks wasn't a bluff. Looks like BMR was hit hard today. Like nail in the coffin kind of hard. Can't really see where they can go from here but this certainly isn't good news for other blog networks.
  12. Monopoly

    Rule 12

    Noticed this rule earlier. I think we all know what it actually says but the new word blanking makes it entertaining. Rule 12: **** – Absolutely no **** of any kind is allowed here. This includes PM ****. If you're caught ****ming, you will be permanently banned from this forum. Funniest...
  13. Monopoly

    TBS multiple IP's

    Anyone know if I can use TBS from multiple IP's? Training outsourcers to do my spinning for me and I want to know if I can stick the same copy on a VPS or if I'll need to buy a second one. Cheers
  14. Monopoly

    Google Images Traffic

    When I go to a site through Google images I've seen it force the image to close so I'm on the site itself without the iframed image on my screen. Does anyone know how you get this? My squeeze page is ranking for a pretty popular image keyword but that's doing me no good with that big image in...
  15. Monopoly

    Google Panda 3.3: Batten Down the Hatches

    It's that time again folks. Big G confirmed 3.3 and other updates have gone live or are going live this month. Some of it sounds pretty ominous especially for blog networks. Not seeing anything so far on my end *touch wood* but the memory of the last one brings back enough painful memories to...
  16. Monopoly

    Video - 1,000,000 in an hour

    Yes, some of you might have seen this thread elsewhere but I think it needs posting. Frank Kern- a documentary- a Million by Noon Pt 1 - YouTube Frank Kern- a documentary- a Million by Noon Pt 2 - YouTube Regardless of how you feel about Frank Kern - you have to admit he does what he does...
  17. Monopoly

    Scroogle Scraper Dead?

    Anyone else noticed that the Scroogle Scraper domain is dead?
  18. Monopoly

    Forum Signature Traffic a Myth?

    Right so you've probably all heard the method of 'stick a link or banner in a forum signature' on a niche forum to your offer/funnel etc... But I'm beginning to think this is just one of those things everyone touts but nobody actually practices. I admit the theory is sound and it certainly...
  19. Monopoly

    Hitler's reaction to Google Panda

  20. Monopoly

    Do this now

    Vote for the Net