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    Website Auction

    We sell a great website/project in an auction, the website is wordpress and in english and german language The project includes 5 domains and a twitter account For more info click here:
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    Not able to post a question about affiliate into Affilliate section of the forum

    Hello! I´m not able to post a affilliate question into the affilliate section of the forum, why not? There is no such a rule, or i can not find it... Can anyone help me? And where should i post an affilliate related question? greetings, MayerL
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    Searching for an international website to flip domains

    Hello! I´m searching for an international website where i can sell my domains, they are written in german language. Are there any good one which do offer many different payment options? greetings, MayerL
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    tips to get adsense account

    Hello! Here u can get Google Adsense And if ur website is ok, there should be no problem to get adsense greetings MayerL
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    Selling digital photos

    Hello! I want to sell some of my digital photos, but i´m searching for an offshore stock company or anything else, where i can sell them without those bureaucratic shit like filling a w8-ben and w7 form and something like that. I want to sell my photos and not filling out such forms... Hope...
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    help required in niche research!

    Hello! Maybe u can use this tool gr MayerL
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    Keyword Research

    Hello! I think this is the tool u are looking for gr MayerL
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    How best to use a forum.

    Hello! There is no problem i think to ask ur IM related questions here, u only have to respect the rules thats all! gr MayerL
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    Backlinks? How much and how fast?

    Hello turke92 Well if you have a prog like Senuke i think it is wise to slow down the submission process! If you submit by hand eg. to some backlink directories or similiar u do not have to fear getting sandboxed (because this process is always slower than automation). For fast indexing you...
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    Advanced Bulk Pad Submitter?

    Hello! I have the trial of the prog "Advanced Bulk Pad Submitter" and i wonder why this prog do not have proxy support. The prog submits to about 400 directories, there is also no function to slow down this process, eg to submit to about 20 directories or similiar for the first time. Is...
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    Scrapebox Questions please help

    Hello azconatech! What do u mean with manual activation? I purchased the program more then a week ago and i only get the download but never get an activation code and that´s my question. So did u recieve a code??? gr MayerL
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    Scrapebox Questions please help

    Hello! I purchased the program Scrapebox via "Cheapskate" Link so i got the download at 57$ after downloading i read that i get an email with an activation code, but i never recieved a code! Now i ´m having a paypal claim concerning this and "Scrapebox" emailed me that i do not need a code...
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    Scrapebox didn´t recieve the activation code!!!

    Hello all! I purchased the program "Scrapebox" a few days ago (57$) and i never recieved the activation key for the program i purchased via paypal and now i had to apply a paypal claim cause i never recieved anything no code no email nothing! Anyone has the same experience or do anyone knows...
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    My twitter accounts got suspended!

    Hello Monopoly! Do you know is there a chance to get my accounts reactivated? And if so do i get back my followers? I got only a few hundred followers, so i wonder why i get caught. But the prog "TweetAttacks" itself is good i think, cause i got some followers, without the prog. i only had a...
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    My twitter accounts got suspended!

    Hello! I used the prog "TweetAttacks" and got my accounts from Twitter suspended! But Twitter didn´t send me an email with a reason why, so i wonder if it could be of the use of "TweetAttacks" because i did not do aggrassive following by the tool, maybe i got mistakenly suspended? What´s...
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    Only some advices please!

    Hello miller! The theme is ok but you need a logo for ur website and i think a bit more pics and on every site u should write about 250 to 500 words to have enough text for google search engine. Adsense u can place between ur text under the header and in the middle are hot points. U can look...
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    Anonym proxies for tools like tweetattacks

    Hello! I´m searchin for good free anonym proxies for using them with tools like tweetattacks, but i do not want to get my twitter account(s) suspended, anyone knows where i can get such proxies? gr MayerL
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    Tool to Discover Best Quality Pages from a Url, do you know?

    @jjjoelll Do u mean the best ranking for a url or for a special keyword? I think u mean for a special keyword or? gr MayerL
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    Question about h1 tags

    Hello Use The W3C Markup Validation Service to check ur site for html errors maybe the h1 tag is used in a wrong way, so with the validator program u can check if there is an error or not gr MayerL