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    Reliable Dealer For Authentic Footwear

    Hi, Interested in more info.
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    Do you need Reliable Wholesalers? Find out more!

    Hi My name is Vick, I saw your post about wholesales, can we discuss this further? i have 4 posts now so i cant message you. I have either aim or gtalk.
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    looking for WholeSeller

    Hi, Im interested in Mens & Womens, BRAND clothing, Brand Accessories. Dropshipping is a plus, Looking mainly for manufacture if possible.
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    We Want DropShippers - HDTV and More

    interested in this, will follow
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    Vick from Cali

    Thanks, sure will..anyone have any advice as to where i should start from?
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    Vick from Cali

    Hey thanks Mhanys! glad to be apart of this community, well if possable it would be amazing if there is a way to get forex into this forum (Money-Maker seems like everyone here has the same motives) maybe while im learning about forex i could also be posting my knowledge/methods?/finding's...
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    Vick from Cali

    Hi new here, well let me introduce myself a bit. Im Vick have been on this forum but didnt officialy join till today, wasnt quite sure wether this was the same kind of forum which i had once joined and got scammed (:thumpdown:)..well fast forward lesson learned. Well college day-time and working...