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    SEnuke tool review

    The number one problem I have with SE nuke is the price, it's just too damn expensive. Also, I've noticed that a lot the WEB 2.0 articles are not being indexed...
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    177 Font Pack for Design

    Thanks! that's a lot of fonts haha, will give them a try
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    wordpress-how do you check what theme a website is using?

    Ctrl + U, then look at the source code, just like mentioned above
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    Google phone number verification crap

    There are some sites that allow you to use phone number fowards, so the number looks like theirs, but gets forwarded to yours...
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    My Super Simple Method to Make Fast Offline Cash

    Thanks for this method, I will give it a try after x mas!
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    Will my autoblog/auto-movie site be indexed/spidered even though CPALead widget locked it?

    A block of javascript? I always thought that google hates excessive javascript?
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    $200 A Day/ Dropshipping/ Selling on eBay

    Great share, I've been drop shipping with e commerce stores and had some decent success
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    50+ Useful Online Generators for Designers

    Thanks that's a great list, I'll give a few of them a try
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    email software to extract email form text and seperate them with comma?

    Thanks for sharing, I was actually looking for something like this!
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    Looking for a PHP Guestbook

    You can also have a look at hot scripts, they have dozens of Php scripts, some free, some paid.
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    Over 8k Global Searches Monthly = Premium Domain Name.....So Angry!!!

    You could always buy a .net or .org TLD, they are just as good
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    Success with Mobile Marketing? --- Not Me --So Far

    Are you having problems with Costs or Conversions? I could quite tell from your post
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    Email marketing

    I've never really been able to get EM to work for me... but I've got a product in line that will hopefully change all that
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    Best site to write review

    Oh whoaaa, you're asking a lot their buddy. So you want a review written and get a top placed ranking?
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    Hello from California

    Welcome to the site, it's really helpful for tricks and shiz ;)
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    how to make 50 post?

    On the plus side, the 50 barrier does limit the amount of people that have access to products etc...
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    Daily goal: Stop Procrastinating!

    You could always buy some adderall ;) I'm sure that'll fix your little problem
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    How to get US traffic

    For adwords, target the USA For SEO, sign up for a google webmaster account and target your site to the USA. Also, make sure the site is hosted in the US and the contact page has a USA address (you'd be surprised at the difference it makes)
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    Link building slow or Fast, which one is good

    This debate has been going on for ages. My advice, by an aged domain that already has pagerank and spam away.
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    Google Adsense Appoval - One Trick.

    Google still reviews accounts after they've been accepted, you can still have your account banned.