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    Wholesale Design Software

    We have over 100+ copies of Adobe photoshop CS3, Microsoft Office Pro 2003, and Dreamweaver CS3. Authentic/Genuine original software in original packaging plus serials. It's Back to School time. Many students are requesting Photoshop. All you e-bay sellers with brains need this. PM me.
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    Reliable Dealer For Authentic Footwear

    Apologize for not responding in the thread, visit « Wholesale Apparel & Footwear « New & Vintage Clothing and Shoes
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    Reliable Dealer For Authentic Footwear

    send me an email address i'll send you pics and information as well as the web addy
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    How Important Is This Forum To Your IM Career

    I tend to sway in between whether to post in a forum a lot, or to spend more time handling business. On the other hand forums have a handful of knowledge and if somebody isn't in the forum posting their business away, someone else isn't learning. I just want to get a good idea from a few...
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    Why would people buy things off of independent sites?

    Because there are billions of people on the internet and enough for everyone to buy something from every online store atleast once. In addition to that not everyone likes amazon or ebay.
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    Reliable Dealer For Authentic Footwear

    I am a reliable dealer for authentic footwear. I work with a major closeout store that stocks current and past season items from retail stores. I can provide you footwear including athletic shoes, casual shoes, dress shoes, wedges, espadrilles, heels, pumps, sandals, clogs & mules, and all...
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    Introducing myself

    Hi, SB here. I'm an online retailer here to connect with other IMers. Nice to meet you.