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    Need a Wholesaler for mobile phones?

    We sell authentic name brand cell phones. They are mostly used, but sometimes we get in new ones. All our units come with charger and battery. We are from the U.S. and only ship to the U.S. for now. If you are interested please send me a PM for more info. Thanks
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    Just signed up

    Hello to all fellow IM people. I recently ran into this forum and it seems to be filled with great information and tools that I will be utilizing to the extreme. Although there is SO much information I seemed to have become engulfed in all of it and not sure where to start first, but with...
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    Looking for a Mentor!

    Looking for some help here as well, hit me up on my messenger services
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    greetings from chicago

    Chi town love! I'm about 15 min away, Des Plaines here! Welcome, I just joined as well