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  1. HannahMontana

    Who the heck has a paypal debit? I will pay 25 buscks in the next 5 minutes...

    Anyone? What gives? Nobody wants to make a quick buck? Or is it that nobody even has a PP Debit... because I don't either.... That's the problem.
  2. HannahMontana

    Who the heck has a paypal debit? I will pay 25 buscks in the next 5 minutes...

    OK, so my sellers are not online right now because of the time difference, but I need a beer, so whoever will be so kind as to go to the store (Walmart, CVS, Rite-Aid) and pick up a green-dot reload card (called a money pack) and provide me with the numbers will get 25 in their paypal. How...
  3. HannahMontana

    Set up Wordpress Sites for people who know little about websites, and make $75.00 each.

    I also have a Google Places service attached to my normal web design and I'll tell you; the SECOND I increased my prices (by a sh*t ton), my sales for that particular product went through the roof. You're right. They thought "Well, if I pay soo much, it must REALLY WORK"! Lol. You know "right...
  4. HannahMontana

    What is the best way to do offline marketing?

    Gorilla Marketing - Official Site of Guerrilla Marketing
  5. HannahMontana

    Dropshipping windows7 products

    Dude. You have to work with reputable people from there. DHGate is same as eBay. I sell the stuff and I don't even really suggest people deal with it too much, just things that register once. OS systems and such are not the same as things like Rosetta Stone and what not.
  6. HannahMontana

    *URGENT* Problems with Dropshipping DHGate

    DHGate is like eBay dude. Only deal with VERY reputable people. Sellers with High feedback and a ton of transactions. It costs more, but wouldn't be great to NOT have this happen?
  7. HannahMontana

    Looking to buy software from US suppliers

    Dude. I am your man for sure. I actually have a lot of that stuff. My stuff is pricey (compared to China), but it ships from USA & it is A+. Not only that, but it actually registers, upgrades, etc. Maybe I could make a thread about it...
  8. HannahMontana

    [REQ] Reliable suppliers for brand clothes

    Nobody sells anything "authentic" from China unless you are talking like... those little plastic Army guys that come in a bucket. A+ stuff is pretty easy to come by if you know who you are dealing with.
  9. HannahMontana


    I know that a lot of people who race professionally run that stuff in their cars... You could post an ad or thread to a number of different auto websites.
  10. HannahMontana

    Easiest $100+/Day Method!

    That's pretty original. I actually havn't seen anything like that around yet... You could do this with plenty of things. I'm thinking Zaynga bucks offers.. Hmm...
  11. HannahMontana

    Offline Ads to CPA Offers - Anyone?

    I know that there are a ton of people doing this. Go to any mall or college campus and you will see it. The only thing: You have to be sure that you have all of this worked out with your affiliate manager so they know that you are getting info offline and filling it in later YOURSELF. Otherwise...
  12. HannahMontana


    For sure the fundraiser helps. Just give a percentage to a good cause. It's not much out of your pocket and it will make things legit. The FIRST thing I would ask if some kid wanted to sell me a chocolate bar is: "what's this for?" If the kid says "IDK" NOBODY will buy!
  13. HannahMontana

    Very Easy Method to Make $200+ a Day!

    Yeah, that is straight from BHW. I know the thread, but it's cool I guess. I didn't really see many people running it on there because most people with websites are promoting their own address on all of their sales materials and such and are like, "yeah well, we are doing fine with what we have".
  14. HannahMontana

    How do you make money online with Craigslist email addresses?

    Dude. Use a scraper to grap emails from there. I can get 500 in like 5 minutes using a bot. Why in the world would you pay someone to do what a robot will do for free?
  15. HannahMontana

    Tricking Dropshippers: Method in development, please join and help!

    That's total scamming, but you knew that so I won't say any more on it. OK. On the method. Who in the world is going to be searching for that? Why in the world wouldn't you use something feasable. Try this: MISSING 1 TY BIENIE BABY! NEED JUST THIS ONE TO COMPLETE MY COLLECTION!!! Yep, I...
  16. HannahMontana

    3 numbers/day from the first day METHOD. SIMPLE QUICK AND EASY, NO SCAM!

    LOL! ANY time someone says "not a scam".... Man, really? Use you're head. Whether you are scamming or not, you should know that you don't say that sort of thing.
  17. HannahMontana

    hi guys=)

    You can learn something from any forum. The trick is to find a method that works and work it. Don't get stuck in the forums, jumping from one money making method to the next. Anything that works can be scaled up.
  18. HannahMontana

    Earn more than $150+ Per Day (Noob method) - Micro Workers and Cpa Flash!!!

    Dude, if you try this: Use a small network you are not very fond of. Don't use something like CJ. I am telling you. I DID THIS. I already evaluated it. I know exactly what I am talking about.
  19. HannahMontana

    Simple eBay method

    LOL! I had a friend that sold Mason's Compases, you know: the kind that you wear. He sold quite a few everyday and anybody that know's how you go about actually obtaining one of those knows that his were knock-offs. All that wierd stuff sells really well. Dirt? LOL!
  20. HannahMontana

    What is the best way to do offline marketing?

    I know that C.r.a.i.g.s is a website, but because most people will ONLY deal locally on there, I find it is the perfect online/offline hybid. It's great for selling ANYTHING, service or product, that you have. I do tons of "offline" marketing on CL all of the time.