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    7 Ways to Reduce Bounce Rate of & Keep Visitors on Your Site

    Some of the ways to reduce bounce rate are as under: · Adjust the Bounce Rate of your website · Reduce the bounce rate of the web pages in the Profit Index · Stop targeting keywords/ marketing channels which are sending low value traffic · Create landing pages which satisfy visitor’s...
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    How can I drive Traffic to My Website?

    Some of the simple ways to drive traffic to a website are as under: · Advertise · Get Social · Mix It Up · Write Irresistible Headlines · Pay Attention to On-Page SEO · Target Long-Tail Keywords · Start Guest Blogging · Invite Others to Guest Blog on Your Site · Go After...
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    What is the best way to do offline marketing?

    Some of the ways to do offline marketing are mentioned as under: 1.Print Marketing 2.Your Staff 3.Appreciation 4.Your Business Card 5.Local Social Groups 6.Networking 7.Conferences and Trade Shows 8.Newsletters 9.Sponsorship
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    SEO strategies for developing a Effective SEO plan

    Effective SEO strategies to integrate into your new search engine optimization plan are :- 1.Keyword Performance 2.Define content topics 3.Focus on High-Quality Content 4.Link Building 5.Mobile friendly matters 6.Effective Tiles 7.Monitor your results
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    What is Google Bot optimization

    Google bot optimization is focused upon how Google's crawler accesses your site. Google bot is Google's search bot that crawls the web and creates an index.It's also known as a spider.The bot crawls every page it's allowed access to,and adds it to the index where it can be accessed and returned...
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    What is Google Slap ?

    Google Slap is a term related to PPC in situations where Google determines that an advertiser is sending people who click their ad to a page that is not related,is poor in quality,or even loads too slowly. Google Slap is the action they take to discourage this behavior and may result in...
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    What is SEO (Search Engine Optimization) ?

    SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization.SEO is a technique which helps search engines find and rank your site higher than the millions of other sites in response to a search query.SEO thus helps you get traffic from search engines.A successful search engine optimization campaign will have,as...
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    Why seo Important?

    An important aspect of SEO is making your website easy for both users and search engine robots to understand.SEO helps the engines figure out what each page is about,and how it may be useful for users.An importance of SEO is given as under: 1.SEO is good for business visibility and branding...
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    Forum not providing backlink to linked websites

    Hello Webmasters, I have created a forum on pharmacy related discussions. This forum is running since two years now. It is indexed and crawled by Google several times. But the problem is that it is not providing a single backlink to the other linked websites in this forum. Users have profile...
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    Effect of opencart on ranking

    My website was ranked on 4th position on first page. I opted to add opencart in my website as it is an online pharmacy site. But as soon I install opencart to my site, it lost its ranking and now this website is ranked on 15th page. I am not able to configure what is the problem. If anyone can...
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    What to do to make website crawl able?

    Which are the important aspects to keep in mind while creating a website that can help making a crawl able website? My previous websites are not crawled by Google. I have created those websites by using Wordpress.
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    What is broken link on Wikipedia?

    What is broken link on Wikipedia? How it is helpful to get backlink for my site with the help of these broken links? What is the right way to use broken links from Wikipedia?
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    Should I need to promote my content?

    Is content promotion needed in modern SEO? If I use my content to promote it on the social media sites then it can be crawled as copied content on my website. What is the right way of content promotion?
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    SEO Training or self education:

    What are your views about getting SEO Training? Will training make someone perfect seo expert or learning something itself will make a better seo expert? According to me learning new things online and also offline with yourself can make you a better seo expert. Are you agree to me or not?
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    Links in text format or picture links:

    Social media sharing is very helpful for getting traffic for your website. There are many methods available to share links on social sites. I just want to know which method will be more useful. Text links or links to the pictures?
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    Dofollow Forum Related to Health Topics:

    Hello webmasters, I am looking for dofollow forums related to health topic. I have an online pharmacy site which I need to promote on medical forums. So if anyone can provide forums related to the topic?
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    How many links we can use in our content?

    Can we use links in our content? How many links should we use in our content? If we use too many links in our web pages then can it be a problem in SEO results?
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    Which activities to rank better?

    Which activity is the most important for getting high ranking in search engine results? I am regularly using forum posting and social bookmarking, but my website is not getting high rankings. What should I do next to get better rankings for my website?
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    Indexing and Cached of the website

    How to check if my website is indexed and cached by search engines? What should be done for faster indexing of the website?
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    Use of different tags for images

    What is the role of ALT tag for images and TITLE tag in SEO? How it can be useful in increasing the ranking of the website? What is the right way to use Meta tags to enhance search engine visibility of the website and images in the website? How to increase traffic using img alt tag?