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    Selling fully anonymous proxies - very fast activation - 24/7 dedicated support

    Just purchased 10 proxies. How do I receive the 2 bonus ones? Order #: 10892305
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    [GET] Hook Pigeon Live - PDF'S & SWF'S

    Looking to get the PDF and videos from v5 onwards... reup pls! :)
  3. evilartemis

    [GET] Hook Pigeon Live - PDF'S & SWF'S

    Is v4 the last video? Or is there a v5?
  4. evilartemis

    CL Posting - GeoIP block, CLAD, PVA...

    After several years, I am returning to CL posting again. However many things have changed! Would like seasoned MMD CL gurus to help me out Is there GeoIP block? Both posting IP and PVA creation IP and PVA phone number Is it still 1 post/ip/pva/24hrs or 1 post/ip/pva/48hrs Is CLAD still the best...
  5. evilartemis

    Any good alternative to Paypal and Credit card?

    How about bank transfer? :)
  6. evilartemis

    Drupal, Joomla, Wordpress Which Is Better?

    I'll say use Wordpress for simple sites, and a more well featured CMS like Joomla for complex sites. If you wanna do ecommerce, definately Joomla.
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    Do you need Reliable Wholesalers? Find out more!

    Hello MMDers! I am based in US and have very reliable contacts in China who can source for wholesale products and supply them to you. Example of products I have purchased for my own businesses includes clothings, bags, camera accessories and stuff toys. Now I have alot of factory contacts and...
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    My 50-100$ a day method. Adult

    The method isnt that horrible. Its a good start for newbies
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    Hi All

    Welcome welcome!!!
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    Questions on BACKLINKING and OFFSITE SEO

    You can submit to RSS directories, social bookmarking sites, social networks, blogs too
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    Best Backlinking Tool?

    I'm using Senuke + SB. Heard Evo2 isnt any good
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    THIS IS A JOKE - IT IS NOT H.A.C.KING - How to Steal Anyone's Passwords With This Method

    Original link: Password Leak | Demon Fan Club Try posting your password in this thread! It'll appear as ******* to us all :)
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    I cried when I watched this

    i saw the video on youtube with affiliate links!
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    Approx. 29,300 MMD'ers w/o Top Secret Training

    Davejug rules. Trust me.
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    Earning from CPALEAD??

    Not every cpalead survey is that hard to complete. Some surveys can be completed quite easily. The higher paying ones are generally the ones that loop the visitors with additional surveys many times.
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    Free $77 Facebook Ad Credit

    where do u get vcc that work for fb advertising? how much do they usually cost?
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    CPALead Questions, Methods, Tips , Tricks and Discussion Thread

    1. Go to the Widgets page. 2. Select the Widget you wanna adjust on the left menu 3. Modify Surveys
  18. evilartemis

    CPALead Questions, Methods, Tips , Tricks and Discussion Thread

    What are some of the better surveys to use currently? Most of my visitors are doing the low-paying xmen and twilight ones.
  19. evilartemis

    Phenom's $100 Holiday Giveaway

    g8 stuff! have an enjoyable xmas urself!