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  1. poseidon

    Need a seller on Ebay

    I am into internet marketing from few years Sold Ebooks [2k+ every month] I can deal with customers Queries: - You want me to use my ebay account? Or you, just need a sales assistant and advertiser
  2. poseidon

    Steer away from Adsense and Google Affiliate Network! The Mass Banning of Google Adsense Accounts

    Exactly same reply, I received from them a week ago, 500$ wasted. Google [rich fags]
  3. poseidon

    How to get US traffic

    I think i will also set something like this up. But this will take a lot of time :l
  4. poseidon

    The double click trick

    Well well this is OLD thing. And if your adsense ads is ONLY placed on such pages then your account may get banned.
  5. poseidon

    WP ROBOT Modification Tutorial

    Book Marked the link. Thanks for this. I will try to edit for sure.
  6. poseidon

    Hey any suppliers?

    Well if you want i can pm you CHINA whole sellers email list+ their website link.
  7. poseidon

    $200 A Day/ Dropshipping/ Selling on eBay

    Really great share man. I am thinking about jumping to dropshipping business. Collecting information these days so this was really useful for me.
  8. poseidon

    How to get US traffic

    Will this work really for all niche's. If you really elaborate on this topic will really appreciate your doing.
  9. poseidon

    5 SEO Tips For Massive Traffic

    Really basic methods according to me. Building lists and uploading them is better than this idea. Use free list building using blogspot etc.
  10. poseidon

    12 Ways To Increase Your Website Traffic

    Offline promotion of cpa offers. Or use social networking sites. Works great really.
  11. poseidon

    [List] 106 Ideas For Getting Backlinks

    Good tip list all in all. Nothing special there :l But Basics you gave were awesome.
  12. poseidon

    Free £50 Adwords voucher for UK member who wants to try adwords

    Send me the code please. If i am not from UK i think i can simply use VCC+PROXY.
  13. poseidon

    Google Adsense Appoval - One Trick.

    Thanks a million for this man. I got my account activated in 10 hours.
  14. poseidon

    Email marketing

    I agree that serious business require email marketing. But email list that we grab are used by many other guys so no benefit. If we get hold of unique ones then we can generate easy profit.
  15. poseidon

    how to make 50 post?

    I was also a silent watcher man. But new rules demand we must post also. :(
  16. poseidon

    The ShoeMoney System 2.0

    At place of spending 500USD spend 500 minutes on MMD. 1000 times better than any site can offer.
  17. poseidon

    Here From Down South!!

    Welcome to MMD. I hope you enjoy here. Please make yourself aware about rules first of all.
  18. poseidon


    @pkmember really man but the thing is the user wanna join a some new forum and then sell there who cares for outcome.
  19. poseidon

    New starter

    Welcome to the forum. I am old member but i post very often.
  20. poseidon

    Made my first money ever online (adsense)

    Congrats on your success. I am also thinking about releasing some simple methods that i follow to make bucks.