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    Need Facebook Clients? - Get Scores of Facebook Business Clients Instantly - Facebook Business Find

    So I got my report. Nicely laid out in a CSV file, which opens great in my Gnumeric spreadsheet. Loads of information. I selected my area and he delivered spot on, plus more. If you have any doubts, drop them, this report should have a value far higher. I can easily see where the...
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    Squidproxies Exclusive Offer to Moneymakerdiscussion Members

    Getting back in to the game of IM a bit I ordered some proxies, just a small batch to test some ideas on, and, well, they didn't work for all the sites that I wanted to use them on. I turned in a support ticket letting them know of the issue I was having, then waited. About 20 minutes later I...
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    World Programming :: YmailerXX

    It is the application security.
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    Backlinking a non-existing domain

    Yes. This is the same thing as buying a domain that was once in use and getting all the old backlinks. I fell in to a domain like that once, bought it on a whim and had several k back links already made, it was nice.
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    Wasn't JP54 replaced? Aren't standard grades JP-1, JP-4, JP-5, with JP-8 having essentially replaced JP-4? Now if you can get some JP-6 or JP-7 it may be of interest to aviation buffs. I just want to be sure that we are talking the same type of product, thanks.
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    Going All In

    You go Page, good luck. Getting stuck is a common thing for a new IMer, information over load and self doubt. Just write, some people some place will be interested, much like the OP you have made. Put the same passion behind your articles and you will have people very interested indeed...
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    Do I need an SSL certificate for a website that allows people to make donations over the web?

    A dedicated SSL cert is free with a business account hosting plan on HostGator. If you are taking donation from the site, or asking for information on the site it is a good idea to have one. If you are using paypal or another merchant to process them you don't need it.
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    The 40+ crew

    If you are over 40 check in here. I've been working with a couple o' you geezers, lol. Getting Dire Straits from the 80's tossed at me. So you are more than 2 score years old sing it out, show the young pups what is what.
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    WebsiteTester !!! Scam or Real ?

    Being registered doesn't mean legit.... Especially in low cost states with low cost registered agents..... Several Ponzi scams tried being registered in Delaware, didn't stop them from being a scam.
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    Hello all I am a music producer that needs help selling beats online...can someone help?

    Hey, I am a music listener, nice to meet you. MySpace was created just for people like you. Any/All social nets would work really. Spamming might be the best way to go.
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    Don't get too caught up in consuming knowledge, especially to the point of not doing. A lot of newbies get in to the habit of the next great idea, blueprint, method, and get lost in the haze of dreams.
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    The short version. COPEAC screwed me, and several people in the same position as me. They say one thing, then change their rules three days later.
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    Ahh, rules change and no one knows, not even the people that you are working with there. I've been having money, or so I thought, go in to an account I don't track, letting the funds build up for a planned project. The checks were supposed to be being deposited in a bank account by some of my...
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    You say goodbye, I say hello hello hello hello Depending on the size of the site your size of spatula will also vary.
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    Man Look what I found.

    Heck GoHF, he's reviving some OVER two years old. But he IS building up a hell of a post count in just 4 days.
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    Where to sell email list

    Quickly create a gaming product and sell it to them.
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    **Jet proxies**Suoerfast proxies for all ur needs**Mailing**Spamming**Account creation**

    Hey, glad to hear you are feeling better. Why not post the prices?