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    Here's the thing

    Hey man welcome, well I am the designer type of guy. I don't really use stuff other than cpalead, but even on cpalead my income is some 22cents a day or something... so not relying on that. Why don't you make use of any skills of your by charging or so? I read here the ebooks on how to get...
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    Do you set your blog feed to full or summary?

    Hey I didn't get totally but I do this, to increase click through. I make 2-3 lined posts simple and short, then saying click here. The "here" part is linked so that increases my click through. Though having many ads or walls of texts kinda drives traffic away...
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    How to Limit Number of Tags & Add NoFollow Attribute on WordPress

    Oh well, thanks man I was about to use tag clouds and so... This saved me!
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    Alt Tags- Are They ALWAYS Good?

    Hi, just use 2-4words in alt tags and it helps, you know in seo every lil bit helps!
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    <h1> Tags, important or not

    I tested and they are necessary! Because they tell the search engines what it is.
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    Hi from London!

    Hey, I suggest going into the ebooks section and reading some cpa or clickbank ebooks. also welcome :).
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    Hey guys - from Massuchusetts

    Hey welcome here dude, this is indeed a sick place! I learned my basics and skills from here!
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    I am trying to make money with facebook and free blogs

    Hey I will give you a blueprint instantly, since you got a photography Blog. It's just some simple steps, make a mailing list of series of rounds of tips from yourself. That will establish trust, then use amazon or some product affiliating like. Affiliate link for a LENS, Camera, Digital Camera...
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    Alternative to CPALEAD, that accepts warez/tv show site??

    Webtechi, how are your conversions and are there good offers?
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    Alternative to CPALEAD, that accepts warez/tv show site??

    Just checked,weird some forum posts sayin they do, and some say they don't do?.... weird Can anyone confirm?
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    Alternative to CPALEAD, that accepts warez/tv show site??

    @mtrader for leadbolt they allow tv show sites? As I heard they didn't :O.
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    Alternative to CPALEAD, that accepts warez/tv show site??

    Alternative to CPALEAD, that accepts warez/tv show site?? Let me know ;). Adscendmedia got not so good offers... Sorry if i posted this in wrong section, move it if i posted it in wrong section. Thanks
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    Help with Facebook Email Submit

    Wouldn't that be Misleading, equaling him getting his account banned? Hey man I suggest you to look into PPC/PPV and target it. That is the way to go :D!
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    Help With CPalead (some questions)

    well make a tv show site and monetize using cpalead, asfar as proxies. you won't get [paid]! stop using proxies.
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    Any payoneer CPA Affiliates? also Copeac related questions.

    The best way will be to call them, Prove that you can and will give your all in promoting offers. I am not doing black hat, also NEVER WILL. so it helps if your not banned from any other network. From what i know all cpa networks share a banlist. ;). but can anybody answer my question?
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    Any payoneer CPA Affiliates? also Copeac related questions.

    Any payoneer CPA Affiliates? I know of Cpalead,copeac,incentrewards & roirocket. I am doing all white hat stuff, no blackhat. so it would be good if you could recommend me some affiliate network that are having payoneer as payment method. Also Copeac related questions! Do copeac have these days...
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    Goood - 10 000$ monthly / 333.33$ daily to 1 January 2011

    i have a goal as well, its great bro to see you so cheering and lively. Keep that up ;) and you will reach your goals!
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    My Testimonial.

    Nice testimonial bro, Ofcourse Dr.P and anywayIcan they have sick posts that gave me great ideas. i will hope to help you out ;). i too bro in same position. i would be fine with 1000$ a month we can eat pay rent and all thing in that 1000$ a month and its exciting to save money and so ;). keep...
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    this is the first time I reach $1000 /month

    Nice bro, i have yet to make 100$ a month :D. congrats ;)