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    We Want DropShippers - HDTV and More

    is this still going on? i'm interested
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    Successful droppshipping?

    I never finish what I started with drop shipping because theres too many hands involved.
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    Hey all

    Welcome to MMD. You have yourself a good friend who invited you to here. You won't regret it! Good luck!
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    Hi Money Makers!

    Welcome to MMD buddy! Have a good new year!
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    hello and happy new year 2011

    Happy new year and good luck! May all your goals for 2011 happen!
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    Hello everyone.

    Welcome to mmd! Enjoy your stay and don't forget to share your knowledge!
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    REQ: WP HeatMap Theme Pro 4

    thanks buddy. i gonna give it a try after i get some sleep
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    REQ: WP HeatMap Theme Pro 4

    Looking forward to the updated version 4 also. Can anyone get it?
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    Splash! Are you ready kids?

    Welcome to MMD!
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    Hi people. I want to make money!

    Welcome! I think you might want to read up on mind mapping. In summary, it helps you plan out what you want to do. "Without a plan, you are planning to fail!" GL, buddy.
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    Hi from Australia

    Welcome to MMD! Ill see ya around. Good luck buddy!
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    Welcome to MMD! Good Luck on your journey!
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    Hi, I am from Singapore

    Welcome, Pat! Theres plenty of info here. Good luck!
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    Hi all the mmd members

    welcome! you'll definitely learn a lot. just make sure you take action on what you learned otherwise its all pointless.
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    MY First try with e-whoring on facebook and... man this is easy :P

    congrats. :) I remember those days.
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    Im from SoCal. I tend to get toasted(Ty, prop 215) after a long day of mounting up satellite dishes. Im here to learn IM. Hopefully I'll be able to figure it all out so I don't have to put up those dishes anymore. Toasted