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    Converting cold email into sales

    While there are millions of email lists out there, waiting to be sold on places like Seoclerks and similar, I would love to know how many of those spam campaigns convert into actual sales? Is it 0.001 percent or maybe slightly more? I mean, when you count the associated costs for sending...
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    How to build a great online authority?

    Hi all, We all know that there are literally millions of blogs on various topics, but only a handful of them are so called authorities. What do you think helped them become ones? Is it knowledge and budget, or just a pure will power and determination, or a combination of all? Pls share. Take care!
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    What are essential skills for someone looking into IM?

    Hey, When someone decides to devote his or her life to IM, what skills are needed to break into this exciting career? Sure, IM is a vast place and one should go with one of the niches like SEO, Social media and other, but the basic skills are the same, right? I mean, instead of focusing on...
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    Why are many landing pages so damn ugly?

    Hey, Most of the landing pages that I’ve seen and many of the themes from known providers are ugly as sin. They tend to look kind of scammy, like the known red color, many pull quotes and similar. But time and again, marketing firms use these examples and I’m just wondering if there’s some...
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    How to do successful influencer marketing?

    Although still very fresh, influencer marketing is getting grounds. While you don't have to be one of the top influencers, you can reap the social benefits of having your voice heard across the digital realm louder than the rest of the bunch. So, because of the lack of useful info on this IM...
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    How to find the best hashtags to use

    Hey, When trying to promote sopmething via Twitter, what are the best ways to find the most relevant hashtags to use or how do you go about narrowing it down? Thanks!