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  1. metalorn

    Have method and tools with BIG potential!

    Sounds like you'll be generating clicks... right?
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    Can Someone Please Review My Site

    I agree with ynmrav28. It will also benefit from adding more colors and more fonts. Cheers.
  3. metalorn

    [GUIDE]How to find winning campaigns?

    Thank you androfreak! I'm interested on your coaching, I'll PM you and try yo contact you once I'm back home. Cheers!
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    ImAdmirer's Make $50/Day With CPA + YouTube Method, Anyone Can Do This - Zero Investment!

    Go to, look at their banner at the bottom of this page! Cheers!
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    Hey! Welcome! Does this mean we get to ask you stuff about the levelupads network? Cheers!
  6. metalorn

    [help] What plugin is that?

    I looked at the source code and that is not a video. It is actually a JPG with the text "You have to authorize this app first" on top of it. The FB button is also an image, a PNG in this case, and the link takes you to facebookDOTcom where you have to log in to continue. This is as much as I...
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    Hello antenym, and welcome!
  8. metalorn

    Google is goging to launch new update "Google Zebra"

    Bring it on, crapoogle! I'll always fight back!
  9. metalorn

    What is your favorite SEO Strategy?

    Yaros, if you don't mind... What tools do you use for your strategy? do you outsource? Cheers!
  10. metalorn

    Your Questions About Making Money Online.... ANSWERED

    Well, its like 6:319 pm pst, lol!
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    list forum dofollow

    Thank you! I'm in need of these!
  12. metalorn

    Advanced Media Buy Strategy

    Darn it! It already sounds difficult to me: wikipedia: "Media buying, a sub function of advertising management, is the procurement of media real estate at optimal placement and price. The main task of media buying lies within the negotiation of price and placement to ensure the best possible...
  13. metalorn

    Your Questions About Making Money Online.... ANSWERED

    Hello WorkWithMorgan! This is awsome! I'll definitely be there! Please let us have the link for your stream. I can provide a topic right now, "motivation under no budget conditions". Cheers!
  14. metalorn

    How to get email removed from ****mer list?

    Would you consider changing your email? it may not be feasible because it may hit your business identity. Or maybe get an extra domain name to handle just the email marketing, and buy a proxy service... Example: maybe changing from [email protected] to...
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    Need help with this forum

    Maitkaa, If you hover your mouse over the link, you will see the url as it should be at the bottom of your browser (most browsers) on the status bar. Just remember how it looks like, or write it down, then type it into your address bar. BTW, when you get to that website, you're greeted with a...
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    How To Create High Quality Backlinks

    Your first post and already linking. That makes me think you don't know the value of this place. Good effort nevertheless. You would benefit from reading your articles and correcting them before submitting, that one's spun.
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    How to Lock Youtube Video

    Just like kokoloko75 says! Upload a video to YouTube or pick an existing one. While on the YouTube page, right under the video you'll see the button "Share", click on it. A couple of lines down, click on button "Embed"; you'll see a little frame with html code between <iframe></iframe> tags...
  18. metalorn

    [get] Make your own content locker FREE

    Yes, but that is a just a tease. This code is so simple... like the OP says "do what you wish with it...", so just replace the offers with your own. And the iframe part!!! WOW, that tells a LOT! Just remember your own domains will be disposable. Cheers! metalorn.
  19. metalorn

    about content locking and movie sites

    And don't forget StuckAds, the link is on the left add on this page!!! Cheers. metalorn.