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  1. klix

    Do you need help or have questions?

    Do you need help or have questions? Then please post them at MMD Answers ( Ask your IM related Questions ) and not in this section. Posting in this section is for methods you want to share, not for anything else. Thank you
  2. klix

    VIP webinars are stopping BUT THEY WILL RESUME!

    The staff have decided that we will put the VIP webinars on the backburner while we reorganize how we give them. The first seasons of the webinars were great and people left with their IM career started and already earning but things are not as great as they once were. We will put time into...
  3. klix

    STRICT REMINDER: No Referral Links Allowed [Banned on first offense here]

    MMD is not a place for you to monetize off of the members. You can make money online by following the methods posted here, but it is insulting when you try to monetize the members through referral links, or any other means for self gain. MMD gives a lot, it is not your place to take more...
  4. klix

    This 3 line script gets you money for every visitor

    Some of you may have heard of something called a "Bitcoin". It is a virtual currency that can only be created when people use their computers to process transactions made in bitcoin. Now you can take advantage of this, and you don't need any super computer. There is a site called Bitcoin Plus...
  5. klix


    I found this list elsewhere, you can buy things for a low price from these websites and resell it for a higher price on ebay (dropshipping). This site offers clearance items from Comet at low prices. You can save quite alot of money on some items if you buy...
  6. klix

    How to go Viral

    Having an offer of yours go viral gives an amazing rush of income. You can get anywhere from 10-20K A DAY from something going viral. It involves little work and maximum profits. The thing is, to go viral, you have to be the first one there. And the issue has to something an "Average" person...
  7. klix


    Can someone explain how I'm supposed to use CPARedirector? I've uploaded it to one of my blogs and set the affiliate URL. How do I get it to redirect?
  8. klix

    [REQ] Referral link generator (Like IHateYou Script)

    Could anyone give me a script that makes a textbox with a unique referral link for that user, and make it so they have to send a number of people to the site before a "Continue" button appears. I know it's in the I Hate You script, but I can't find it. Example: You sent: "5" people. You need...
  9. klix

    Don't make this mistake...

    Whenever you begin IMing, you almost always need a website. Picking the wrong one is a big mistake, and it is very annoying to have to switch providers. That's why it's important to pick the right hosting FIRST. Many people choose to go with the "Big" Companies like Host Gator, Blue Host, etc...
  10. klix

    Boot Camp

    Entering into Internet Marketing is a very daunting task, especially on this massive forum. Luckily, I am here to give you your first steps. No, this is not just a method. This a course so you are well prepared for getting into other methods later on. First & Most Important tasks Learn...
  11. klix

    Amazing new script (free)

    Just found this script that's amazing! Make's your website very visual appealing
  12. klix

    (Answer asap please!) robots.txt

    I need to make my thankyou page unsearchable, but I have read that if I add the thankyou page to my robots.txt, someone could easily open the robots file and get the directory from there. What should I do to prevent spiders from knowing my thankyou page and preventing humans from knowing it as...
  13. klix

    What to choose?

    I'v made this website that is selling an ebook / Audio version of the book. I want to know if I should use Paypal to process the payments. My concern using Paypal is that the person will buy the book and than dispute the payment. The target market wouldn't be that computer savvy, but maybe...
  14. klix

    Brand new method..Looks very promising

    Hey guys, been on MMD for a little while and I love it! A community of people that share the same interest as me :) I heard of this new method and I'd like to share it with you guys, it's called Varolo. The theme is people watch videos to earn money BUT with a twist that actually makes you the...