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  1. optiwebber

    Optiwebber V Powlow29 - Let The Battlle Begin - TV Shows

    Hey all, Myself & Powlow have decided to challenge each other .. we are both owner ( & co owners) of TV sites that we have recently ressurected - Eg Updated... And our challenge is ... to see who is the first to make $50 a day! (To qualify as the winner we need to have earned $50 a day for at...
  2. optiwebber

    Tube ToolBox Review

    Tube Toolbox is a tool that automates everything you can do on YouTube & more: Subscribing Adding Friends Commenting on Channels & Videos Scraping YouTube Id's based upon Keywords Mass Messaging & much more. I have this software running 24/7 on my laptop, and use it to build up my channel...
  3. optiwebber

    Accounts - Content - Link & Web Building - Advertising - FaceBook Invites -YouTube Views - Articles

    Hi MMD, Myself & Powlow are pleased to announce... ClickFive Internet Marketing Services For $5 The one stop source for all your marketing service needs We are offering any of the following services for just $5 each Accounts: - Facebook PVA & Profiles x 2 w/pics - Youtube Accounts...
  4. optiwebber

    Bring Back The Frogs!

    El_King_Jefe has taken the Crazy Dancing Frogs in his signature down :( I say: Bring Back The Frogs! Lets Vote!
  5. optiwebber

    [REQ] Pop Under Script

    Hi, im looking for a simple pop under script which can rotate URL's & also choose to appear once per session on exit if possible. I got a few online but they didnt work .. Thanks in advance
  6. optiwebber

    How many MMD'ers in the TV/Movie Biz?

    Just wondering how many of us MMD'er are in the TV / Movie niche? Is it your sole niche or just a side line? I personally am in the TV / Movie niche, sole niche for the time being, but working on other stuff :)
  7. optiwebber

    Looking for a CPM network for TV/Movie sites

    Can anyone recommend a straight (none adult) banner cpm network that pays 0.40+ & via paypal? I've been using 2 networks but I'm sick of having to report redirecting ads every other day, the last straw was one popping up some scareware today. I rather go with an established network, nothing...
  8. optiwebber

    MySQL help please - Export/Import

    Hello, I've decided to follow the 'Rinse & Repeat' strategy, but would like some help regarding updating via mysql. I would like to update one site then download the database & upload to the others to save time. However I only want to export certain tables, not the whole DB. Is there an easy...
  9. optiwebber

    Need a new PC - Which Processor & amount of Screens?

    Ok I am not being productive enough sitting on the couch hunched over a laptop. I need to define my work space so want to get myself a good desktop & desk etc. I'm not bothered about 'brand' when it comes to a desktop as I know its all about what MB/Processor/Ram/Graphics that are inside which...
  10. optiwebber

    How can i make $1000 a day?

    Lol just kidding :) Hi all, found this site whilst googling, very nice site. Recently lost my job, so trying to earn the rent online! Currently in the TV shows website business, but moving into other areas to earn a little more. I look forward to meeting you all on the forum :)