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    To all the Noobs Out There!

    This is just a quick note to anyone trying to make money.... I have been at IM for a few months now, I have thought about giving up a number of times, but I kept working on one method, and it has now paid off big time. This month, I made $19,500 with alot of hard work and thought, so if your...
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    Need a network to market products... any suggestions?

    Hey guys, im looking for a network to sell products through, I am already with amaz0n partner network, and g00gle adsens3... I got declined by ebay, im gona give the application another try tho. I want a network that can give me links to products like electronics, with a decent selection, any...
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    Big Facebook Sweep!!

    Has anyone else had pages closed down? I got 3 taken down today, 1 of which had just started to make me $100 a day!! I heard a lot of guys at CPAlead speaking about it too.
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    Help with SQL - Will Pay!

    I need some help with setting up a database, I keep getting an error, if someone could help, that would be great. Cheers Adam
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    Youtube Commenter that supports decapatcha service

    Are there any youtube comment posters that supports decapatcha services?I can make YT accounts and they last for like a week with 100 comments, but im posting manually. Any info on working ones would be great.
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    Posting full links on Youtube and bypassign filters?

    I have seen many ways of posting links on youtube, but they have all be patched now, so they can't be done anymore. If anyone knows any good ways of posting full links on YT and also how to bypass keyword filters, please PM me with ur ideas. I know the common ones, which no longer work (dot)...
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    Can someone go to my site and see if it is live?

    On my computers, when I go to my site, I get a DNS error, I have rebooted the router, new IP, but still no luck. If someone can go to it and lef me know what is like at your site, that would be great. My Free Online TV Cheers
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    Im in need of some advice

    Ok, im 19. I go to college, but I hate it, im not motivated at all, I would leave tomorrow if I could, but my mum would prob fall out with me. I want to leave the course and do IM full time for the next few years and see how that goes. I also work on the farm, so that makes me some money...
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    My Jorunal to $100/day - Currently at $0/day

    Hey everyone. I aim to be making $100/day by the end of March. At the minute, I am making around $0 per day, well maybe $2 when im luckey. Methods at present. I have 2 TV sites, one which has no gateway, but some pay per install links and adbrite setup, that site is not fully running yet...
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    Can someone get this for me

    I have been looking for a template like this one for wordpress if possible, I basically want a clone of the site. Channel 131 ITS NOT MY SITE!! Does anyone know where I can get one, it is a very simple theme, and I could change it up a bit if I could get one like it. Cheers Adam
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    How do these facebookers do this?

    I saw a page on fb the other day, im trying to make one similar. The page had an application as the opening tab, if you know what I mean, instead of the wall or info, it was an app that you see first. In the app was a picture and some writing, like an iframe, then the become fan button, then...
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    Need a little help here

    Hey, I am trying to change the colour of text used by a plugin on my site, the plugin is similar posts, and the writing is dark blue, nearly the same as my theme, so the writing can't really be seen, does anyone know how to change it. Heres a link incase u want to look - http:// myfreeonlinetv...