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    How to edit my front page?

    A couple of months ago I created a website. Then I forgot all about it however now I wanna work on it. The problem is that I can't seem to find the main page of my site. How do I locate the main page? my site has the syntax: (there is no index.htm) I've opened filezilla but I...
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    [SIMPLE QUESTION] Backlinking to individual sections of my site or the frontpage only?

    I've just started a new Wordpress site where I posted some articles that each target a specific keyword. Now I'm going to start backlinking however I got a question. Say I got a site about dogs (I don't) with 5 posts where: Post 1 target "dog training supplies" Post 2 target "dog training...
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    Domain forward - Generates a referer?

    Thanks for the clarification.
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    Domain forward - Generates a referer?

    Just to clarify for other members. DOmain forward does NOT generate a referral. I have just tested it myself. Amazingly how low response this thread got.
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    Domain forward - Generates a referer?

    Okay thank you. You guys know of any sites where I can ccheck what the referrer is?
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    Domain forward - Generates a referer?

    Would really appreciate if someone could give me an answer here.
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    Domain forward - Generates a referer?

    I'd really appreciate if somebody could answer.
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    Domain forward - Generates a referer?

    Basically I've signed up to a CPA network, and I wondered. If I have set my domain to forward to the offer, will the referrer that the CPA network see be "blank" ? Or will it display my forward URL? Or will it display the referrer to the forward URL? Don't ask me why, but I really want to know...
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    GhostCPA - Need help setting it up

    Well currently I'm somewaht stuck setting up my GHostCPA. I have uploaded everything etc. however it generates an error when I try to go to the login screen: Not Found Error: The requested address '/' was not found on this server. I might have set up something slightly wrong since I'm...
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    My first niche site (advice needed)

    Thanks for your answer So if I comment on blogs that are related to my niche it will generate more effective backlinks? Also, when doing backlinks should I only link to or should I also link to my subpages ?
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    My first niche site (advice needed)

    Well the last few days I've been making a wp blog with the purpose of generating income by selling a clickbank product. Last night I did a lot of social bookmarking and made some backlinks. However I'm still WAY down the google index at my keywords "training a parrot", "adopting parrots"...
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    Offline method with ringtones

    Too much work IMO. Also, I think lots of kids know better places to get ********* (without CPA leads)
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    Operation Youtube Takeover! [HOT!!!!!!]

    Well just take a look at youtube. There are lots of videos promoting downloads. If not fileserve then hotfile etc.
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    Tube ToolBox Review

    If you're into youtube marketing then a kind of software like this is absolutely a must! I've made my own bot btw =)
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    Haha that's really an evil method to get people banned. But good to know indeed :)
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    **The eBay Hijack System**

    I read it all and it's indeed a good read. I've done kind of the same: Sellign items on ebay that I bought cheap on dealextreme.
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    What is the best way to do offline marketing?

    I've previously had great succes with promoting my website in local newspapers. But my website was on my native language too which may make it easier.
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    Offline Ads to CPA Offers - Anyone?

    Wow, I never thought of actually giving flyers out to make CPA leads. This sounds like a really good idea actually =)
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    Introduction of Ambassy

    Well I've always been facinated of the idea "Passive income". You know, setting something up and then just receive payments without really doing anything afterwards. I'd like to get started promoting clickbank products since I know lots of people are earning from there as well as it's a very...
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    How To Make $700+/day Mastering Yahoo Answers

    That was a really good read. Thanks for sharing this information, I might try this sometime in the future =)