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    [get] Make your own content locker FREE

    What shall this be? It opens, this is all. No gateway, no offer selection, nothing. Does not work at all
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    Ebay gift card twist method

    I don't understand how this should work. Where to get them at 70% of the face value? callaway golf gift cards | eBay As you can see, there are only very few offers. And prices are quite high!
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    Successful droppshipping?

    The site seem to be very interesting and I already found some products at very good prices, however, what does this mean: So you only can use dropshipping if you order for more than $1000 per month?
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    Cheap iPhone 4 16 GB from UK

    And you received genuine iPhone 4 and it was sent from UK? Their webshop isn't available any longer. Moreover, this was a dropship electronics shop website that was sold on eBay .... so it might be they just bought this to make their business look more legit .... Their phone...
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    Cheap iPhone 4 16 GB from UK

    I have been sent an email from a UK company selling iPhone 4 16 GB for €380. The company is called Cheaptoshop, they also have a website Wholesale Consumer Electronics DropShipper. Anyone any experiences with this company?
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    **The eBay Hijack System**

    I doubt that this will work at all. You buy cheap from eBay USA and sell then on eBay UK. I think your customers aren't that glad when they see from your feedback that you have bought your item from eBay at a way cheaper price ..... Second is, almost all the sellers with interesting and cheap...
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    Drop Shipping Tutorial

    This does not say very much .... I see sellers with 2, 3, or more same items and one of them sold and one did not sell. So how do I know if this is a hot seller??? One time it sells, next time it does not ....
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    How to make up to $4k or more a month!

    I do not understand what is this about. You buy diabetic strips over newspaper ads and sell them on eBay? At what price do you buy them? I found 50 pcs at $ 23 (not eBay, in shop), that means 1 pc is about $ 2. So your price must be cheaper. But you have to meet all the people personally...
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    Giving discounts on eBay?

    I have just found the following auction: New 20.0 Mega Pixel 20.0M 6 LED USB PC Webcam+Mic - eBay (item 170423814935 end time Jul-22-10 07:00:20 PDT) How can this be done? (showing normal price and discount price)
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    So easy you're mom could do it, so effective too

    Yes, Capsiplex is very hot at the moment, newspapers are full of it and there will also be tv ads etc. I just created a landing page for these pills and submitted it via and, let's see what happens ...
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    So easy you're mom could do it, so effective too

    This does not turn out to be very effective ... only very few clicks and NO conversion. I think youtube cannot be used to make any conversions .... This is the same like with my video for soccer WC 2010, there are 2000 views and only 1 click to affiliate offer .... also ipad video 2000 views, 2...
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    Sellebrity auction analysis

    Has anybody heard of Sellebrity Auction Analytics Software: Sellathon Alternative This is an auction analysing tool for eBay. However, it seems not work for me. I have an auction online, eBay shows me 83 views for it. But sellebrity always shows 0 visitors????!!
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    Can you tell me what they use on this ebay's page?

    This does not work for me, at least not if I use it as described on the website. I inserted the long HTML script code before the \body and then the short one-line code somewhere at my page .... Nothing is displayed, neither in IE nor in Firefox ....
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    Really great landing page

    However, one could promote other acai offers (not free trials or auto-bill) by changing a bit on the site (title, photos, names) and I think it would work perfectly ..... Also I would say...
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    So easy you're mom could do it, so effective too

    Now I have started to promote the pheromone product. I created a nice landing page leading to the affiliate program. I did no press releases up to now because I am looking for something to automate sign-up to the pr sites .... What I did up to now is submitting my landing page via...
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    Really great landing page

    I have found a really great-looking landing page for Acai affiliate program: Health News 11 However, the affiliate links do not work (anymore?). I would be interested how high conversion rate is/was. And why the links do not work anymore.
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    So easy you're mom could do it, so effective too

    Ok thats a good idea :D The Sun, Daily Mail etc. also can be read online for free, however, i did not find anything to promote. There were about 2-3 products, however, none of them are already on the market, not to speak of an affiliate program. At the moment, I am thinking about promoting a...
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    Has Anyone Used Affiliate Site Quick?

    I think there is no copyright infringement at all ...... Have a look at their FAQ:
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    So easy you're mom could do it, so effective too

    This method does not work for me, its always the same, if you find something interesting then you have to sign up to CPA or affiliate program which results in getting frustrating bullshit emails with always same content Thank you for your interest blahbla however, at the moment we are not able...