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    What do you think about Imnica Mail? free for 6000 emails/month

    I've also found Is $39.99/mo for 10,000 Subscribers, 20,000 Subscribers - $49.99/mo I want to promote as...
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    What do you think about Imnica Mail? free for 6000 emails/month

    What do you think about Imnica Mail? free for 6000 emails/month
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    Looking for a lifetime autoresponder

    I really don't think a free autoresponder like Aweber. I don't think you should go for a free one.,Maybe you should wait until you can afford a good one.
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    Aweber subsribers

    You can try Profollow. It's an aweber white label. You pay $20 per month for 10,000 leads. Profollow it's developed my Aweber. It is a thread here on general-discussion about aweber alternatives, search for it and check it out
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    Backlinks (SEO) Related Quistion

    When you make backlinks, try to be organized, write down (maybe in a excel document) every detail about the links you made. The website, how many, your login info for the websites, stuff like that. This way, you are creating a system. And then, you can improve the system and duplicate it.
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    $1.99 or less .info domain besides godaddy

    I hate godaddy because everytime I I want to buy a domain, I have to fill so many information that it make me feel like I'm going to buy a nuclear weapon. I really like namecheap
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    What To Do With PayPal Money?

    I think gold and silver it's a safe route because in the future the new curency will be based on precious metals.
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    Do You Smoke

    I don't smoke because I'm into healthy foods/ healthy lifestyle but I have nothing against people who do smoke. If you like it, do it...
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    Disconnect & Reconnect to Internet to Change Dynamic IP

    Hey, I have an rds fiber link internet connection too. Thanks for opening this thread. I will give AutoHotKeys a try
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    20 Ways to Increase Alexa Ranking

    Thanks for writing all this cool tips. I was searching for something like this, because right now I have page rank zero
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    Best backlink checker?

    Thanks for opening this thread. I'm glad I found new websites for checking the backlinks. I'm glad I found
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    An Amazing Singing/Playing Man - Dub FX

    Thanks for sharing this. A friend of mine really likes this sort of things, I will share the video with him
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    Best way to Increase Taffic and Page Rank?

    You can find products about this in the download section. Here's a tip: don't change your website title too often. I was on 2nd position in first page for my keyword and I changed the title of the website and my position droped.
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    I think you can find a lot of PLR products, here on moneymakerdiscussion. And you can find other people's opinion about them. Do a search
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    If you had to start IM over again...

    Link building campaigns and link building software. I've learned how important links really are.
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    7 Ways To Create Article Titles? Secrets For Stunning Traffic

    Thanks for taking your time to write these cool tips. Numeric titles work too- 5 ways to.. 10 secrets to...7 steps to..
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    Copy the Exact System that My 1.5 year old Puppy used to Make $345,236.78 in 2 seconds

    Everybody started to use the "anti-guru" method. In the beginning it was ok, but now, it's pathetic. Do they think that people will believe them , when everybody is saying the exact same thing on the sales letter? I wish they would stop treating the customers as retards. They will prove them...
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    Plugins for wordpress.

    Sociable Plugin for wordpress, good for them to bookmark your website. You can select which website to appear for bookmark
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    BLOG Seo Tips - Drive Massive Traffic To Your Blog

    A sans-serif font would be better. Arial , Verdana, Tahoma, something like that
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    Cool Split testing tool

    I think I'll try this free split testing tool. I believe the guys from Commission Blueprint shared another tool but I don't remember the website