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  1. Dr.Viper

    An entrepreneur since birth...

    Nice. Good luck. We all feel the same way as you. You'll get there one day, and hopefully me too. :)
  2. Dr.Viper

    My Wife gave birth to our Daughter

    Super super super LIKE. Congrats. Stay with them. We'll try and keep MMD in one piece till you return. :P All the best wishes for you.
  3. Dr.Viper

    A scammer list

    Why don't you post the name/profile url here publicly and let everyone be wary of trading with said member. @Moderator, Can you help me as to how to change/edit my profile signature.? I searched UserCP and found nothing.
  4. Dr.Viper

    SEO / Linkbuilding Interns Needed !!!

    WOW. Is this for noobs, or do you have any nice tricks up your sleeve? Interested if that is the case.
  5. Dr.Viper

    13 Article Tips For Increased Engagement And Exposure

    Nice. That is quite a good list. The internal linking part is universal and applies to blogging, SEO and traffic strategies. It can lower Bounce Rates also. nic read, thanks.
  6. Dr.Viper

    A 15 year old's goals (I'm sick of not making money).

    The problem is that we often fail to understand that action is necessary for results. I had often sat thinking why i am not making any money even though i read and learn a lot. The issue was inaction. Stop trying to learn everything. Start doing the things which feel easy for you, and then...
  7. Dr.Viper


    Trek sucks. But logitraffic rocks man... THeir traffic is passed via DMR and hence it is more secure. Also you can use a DMR on your side also before leaving the traffic onto your pages. But the bad thing is the logitraffic site no longer exists. I am getting a parked domain on it now.
  8. Dr.Viper

    >>>Kill Your Competitors!-High Authority Profile Backlinks<<<

    Sure. How long to get the links indexed...? Hope you guys are pinging them as said. I'll PM you soon with the next order soon.
  9. Dr.Viper

    >>>Kill Your Competitors!-High Authority Profile Backlinks<<<

    Very good work. Delivered the work in under 48 hrs and that too of the highest quality. Anyo1982, i'll be back with a more larger order. We can turn this into a long term arrangement.
  10. Dr.Viper

    >>>Kill Your Competitors!-High Authority Profile Backlinks<<<

    Order placed. Simple Package 1. PM sent with the requested details. Looking for a confirmation. If this works out, you got a large order coming up.
  11. Dr.Viper

    The double click trick

    This is a damn bad idea... The best idea is to make a good page with quality content, make a few backlinks and among the organic traffic, add some paid traffic. You can get paid view and click traffics nowadays. Like 500 views, and 30 clicks for $5 to $10. If the niche is a good one, the 30...
  12. Dr.Viper

    Part 1 - Money Making Programming - - neta1o

    Thanks brother.... Awesome share... I also came across some other tutorials on the site. All in all a good set.
  13. Dr.Viper

    Part 1 - Money Making Programming - - neta1o

    WOW. THis is crazy. I was missing on a lot of things i guess. Thanks a million to the OP and the creator.
  14. Dr.Viper

    How to Get Lots of friends and Followers

    Thanks this is superb. I find that SENuke is a very good tool infact when it comes to SE trapping. Where can i get a copy of the MNF. Is there a copy on this forum itself? I tried search but it doesn't bring up any..
  15. Dr.Viper

    Who can give me the best place to buy traffic wholesale?

    @glemoh, Is this traffic referrer blanked..? Otherwise Google might bring issues in adsense.. I have deposited some amount, and will test it for sometime. If this is your site, i have a business proposition. We can do great biz, i'll get you more orders.
  16. Dr.Viper

    Who can give me the best place to buy traffic wholesale?

    Most traffic site's have partnered with PTC sites, or their own PTC sites. This is as far as i know.
  17. Dr.Viper

    how to get more clicks on adsense

    Something is very wrong there.... y worst site gets about 200 daily impressions and but nets about 6-8 clicks. With a CPC of near $0.9 to $1.2, that gives an okay sum.... The issue might be with the traffic. You might not be getting the right targeted traffic. If someone looking for cameras...
  18. Dr.Viper

    Need some advice... how to deal with a shitty affiliate manager?

    Some affiliate managers can play tricky. It is often heard that some affiliate managers cancel many genuine leads from our accounts and contacts us personally, away from the site. Long ago, i had this experience. I do not want to name the company, so i would just tell this. I have been getting...
  19. Dr.Viper

    What do you REALLY want for Christmas 2010??? + a Domain PRIZE from us :-)

    Hmm. This might get tricky. I would like - 1. $100 to my PayPal 2. $100 to my AlertPay 3. $50 to my LR or MoneyBookers. That will do it. :P Having a bad time right now...
  20. Dr.Viper

    Make $500 a sale calling car dealerships

    I am interested in this. Does it involve any more catches...? Looks too good to be true actually.