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  1. hakireview

    How to increase of our site traffic?

    Maybe my website will be useful for you =)) Sorry in this reply, I can't post a link to give you, but you can search: hakireview traffic and general on google In this category about traffic and general, you'll find the best course online and traffic tools to help you increase your website...
  2. hakireview

    What is search engine submission in SEO?

    Now, I think search engine submission is no longer important in SEO! Because when you summit a url to google webmaster tools submit, your link doesn't seem natural! But when you share your link to social media, and users click, interact with this link then your link will be indexed natural :))
  3. hakireview

    What is a robots.txt file?

    A robots.txt fіlе gives instructions tо web robots аbоut the pages tһе website owner ԁоеѕn’t wish to bе ‘crawled’. Fоr instance, if уоu didn’t want уоur images to bе listed by Google аnԁ other search engines, уоu’ԁ blосk them using уоur robots.txt file. You can gо to your wеbѕіtе and check іf...
  4. hakireview

    Article Submission

    Top High PR DoFollow Article Submission Sites List 2017 ehow ezinearticles articlesbase hubpages livejournal medium articlesfactory zimbio brighthub