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Hey Monopoly,

I only use Adsense to monetize my blog! Don't like Amazon... It really takes a lot of time to receive their check. Most of my revenue come from Adsense.

Why are you wasting time on amazon, If you can earn more from Adsense with the same blog?


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Hey Monopoly,

I only use Adsense to monetize my blog! Don't like Amazon... It really takes a lot of time to receive their check. Most of my revenue come from Adsense.

Why are you wasting time on amazon, If you can earn more from Adsense with the same blog?
Because I can't earn more from Amazon from the same blogs. Most of the niches I'm in have a pretty low CPC which means even with a good CTR I'd be making less than I am with Amazon. I tested this originally but because the keywords I aim for were made with Amazon in mind - they earn better with Amazon.

It doesn't bother me all that much. Eventually I'll be getting decent cheques through each month anyway it's just slower to start with because I'm still getting paid for the smaller months.


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Yesterday was around $150 in sales but Amazon really slacks on the shipping over the weekend so my actual income was $53. So that sucked but at least the sales were better and that money will come in over the week. That's the main site back to converting from... whatever was going on. I've another 3 Amazon sites getting around 200 uv's a day making little to no sales. So that's going to need some work.

Bought some PLR stuff and slowly working it into a product. Converted part of the site and have a basic copy together. It'll need some work and testing but I should be ready with at least one of them soon. Really I want to work emails into these. But this first one is a lot of traffic (roughly 1k uv's a day) which would max out my list limits far too easily for a niche I think will convert poorly.

This is a good test to get things setup and I'll use an email series (I like the ever green launch idea) with at least one of them. A lot of work to do but it's more fun than the boring SEO stuff. Should have the first one together by tomorrow night at the latest - but that's the one I think will convert the worst - if any of them do.


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I'm going to preface this one by saying I don't really expect it to convert. This is the daft niche which barely scrapes by with content blocking and I don't think it'll sell.

I started with this site because losing the CPA earnings for a few days isn't going to cost me much and I honestly expected the site to blow up rather than work first time.

But from concept to finish I've put a product and basic sales funnel together in less than 24 hours. It's a bit rough around the edges and there's no OTO or anything setup - but the basics are there. If nothing else I can use the product to improve my content locking and setting up the sites means I can setup the potentially more profitable sites.

So I set this one up as a guinea pig and the testing went fine - sales process works just fine at least. A little tweaking needed but I should have the other two sites converted over the next week. These are sites I know sell (since I've sold affiliate stuff with them) so I'm going to need to take longer over the product stuff at least.

Before I start on any of that - sleep.


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Yesterday: $111

And the sales were way beyond that (weekend shipping sucks) with about 9% conversion so there's still more to come in over the week. I'd say much closer to $200 but with like 50 items sold and 16 shipped - I really can't be bothered counting through to work it out.

My main site is the issue. It had a few sales - but still short of where it normally would be. Saturday did have it's usual 10 sales though so maybe it's just been a bad week for it. I might change it around a bit over this week depending on how things go there.

At a rough estimate I got about 25% CTR to the new sales page and around 1% hitting the buy now button. No sales, but I expected as much so I'm not surprised. I'm tempted to spend $10 on Mailchimp and see if I can get it to sale with a list. I know I can get a pretty good opt-in rate at least. It's on the 'maybe' pile for now. Focus is the SEO work for Amazon and then the other two sites products/sales funnels.

I actually had a writer working on one of the info sites I'm going to be converting this week I think. It averaged around 30k UV's a month with adsense it is like $2 CPC or something and pretty competitive for ads. I haven't ranked #1 since the first real panda update but I think with a proper sales funnel it has the potential to replace pretty much everything else I've got.

The site has started to improve in the SERPS from his work and I'm going to start adding to that myself. I know fine well why it dropped after Panda and with some work that should be sorted. I'm actually considering not building a product for it yet - just improve on the site for traffic and get a good opt-in rate for a list and then promote affiliate products. If it sells I can swap to my own product afterwards.

In the meantime I'm literally broke. I can't actually afford breakfast. That's an issue. It's temporary, but that doesn't help me at the moment. *sigh* looks like I have to go to the bank and ask (beg) for that overdraft.


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Thanks for sharing monopoly, looks good so far ! Wish you best luck on your goal, can you please share what tools are you using ?
My most used tools: MSpaint, TBS and Word/notepad++ For SEO I use pretty much every popular one out there and one or two I made myself. And the windows sticky notes - lots and lots of them.

Putting together a squeeze page and rough sales funnel idea for the new info site project. It's perhaps the first thing I've made that actually looks good. True, it's mostly reverse engineered but it's the first time I've really worked with CSS and its looking pretty good. I'm planning to split test things a little but I'm pretty confident this will work well.

Going pretty full out on it this time. I can make a good product for it and I already have a plan for the upsell and OTO. I'm dreading doing the copy but I've a rough idea of what to do with it.

I'm also working in webinars to this one. Those are supposed to get crazy conversion rates and I'm looking at àutomating them if it works.

Easily a few days work here. I know I could start now and have it done by tomorrow but I want to do a good job on this. One of those projects I get excited about. Split testing will start tomorrow and if it gets opt-ins I'll use it for a mini launch when I actually get the product finished.


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Considering the fact that I would be happy making $70 a day, I have to say this is awfully impressive. You clearly have the knowledge and motivation to reach your goal.

I wish you all the best!



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Cheers guys.

Yesterday: $196

Redesign is going pretty well so far. Having some issues with CSS (Tom I owe you a ******) and I need to redesign the lander to get a better CTR to the squeeze page but I'm pretty hopeful. My goal is to get this up to at least a 20% opt-in. I know there's sites out there with 50+ but I'm going with baby steps.

Once this is done I'm getting a writer to handle some SEO work for it. I'm looking to properly build up the traffic for this site. There's another 30k~ UV's for this niche and it's not the easiest for SEO competition - but it's something I enjoy writing about. If I can get it to convert it's going to become my main project. I'm talking dumping in well over four figures in SEO over the next few months to work it up.

I'm currently working through three courses on email marketing to improve my CTR to an affiliate product and once I get that I'm starting the design work on my own product for it. This is good fun, way more fun than building Amazon sites. I checked over the metrics and I think I was on something like a 5% op-in rate with the last ugly design. I might die a little inside if the ugly version converts better than my shiny new one. Finishing up some of the design and then preparing a multivariate test for the opt-in rate.


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Afternoon MMD.

Yesterday: $185

Actually only slept a few hours but woke up this morning pretty pumped. Been doing my homework on writing copy and auto responders and damn some of this stuff is just downright impressive.

I'm actually amazed my current funnel made sales at all. Speaking of which it made one yesterday. But I can see where I went wrong. And I can see how people hit crazy conversion rates with a funnel.

The ugly version this month: 2500 visitors 200 opt-ins 4 sales $400~

If *that* funnel gets 2% conversion on the autoresponder (and that's with a small sample to be fair) I'm amazed. But looking at this I can easily improve that. I'm going to rebuild it for affiliate sales at the moment and then build it into an evergreen launch for my own product next week. So far the opt-in rate is horrible but I'm hoping the new design helps that.

So far the opt-in rate has been worse. A lot worse. I've got an AB and two multivariate tests running but with this little traffic it's going to take a while before I get a decent picture of what's working. This has a lot of potential though. And if I can build some decent sales funnels I can have a lot more fun in IM.

So workload for the moment:

* Some SEO work. Set up new VPS with some new toys to get them running properly (wewt Synnd) and maybe some content for one of the Amazon sites. Then I'm moving on to SEO work for two info sites to improve traffic for these funnels.

* Redesign of another info site. Shouldn't be too hard since I can clone what I've already got setup

* Redesign the auto responder series

* I'm going through a webinar class on list building. Mostly to give my flat mate an introduction to IM but I might as well go along with it. So I'll have to design a bit of a funnel for it.

* Product design is put off till next week. Since I'm meant to be showing someone else how to design a product anyway, I might as well do my own at the same time.


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Yesterday: $104

Just as my CPA CPC is sorted I lose the rankings. Turns out I forgot the original script was still on that server and Google doesn't de-index it unless it's removed. Since the new version has a lot of the same content it slapped me for duplicate content. Ooops. Shouldn't be long term, I removed the old code and the site already has links dripping through. I'll maybe add some new content later on.

It was also another pretty slow day for Amazon sales. Still, over 100 (just) so it's not all bad.

Fixed up some of the design work and went from 0 opt-ins to 10 in a few hours last night. 2 already this morning as well so it looks like this version is going to work better. I'm going to leave it for today to see how it does and then start split testing the areas opt-ins are coming in from.

I'm reading about people making 5 figures from tiny lists of a few hundred people - obviously it depends on the niche and the copy etc... but I'm pretty excited to see what might happen with this project. I'm planning to have the email series done by the end of the weekend if not sooner.


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Just noticed I said CPC in my last post. *EPC. Doi.

Yesterday: $76

Yeah had a pretty bad day for Amazon conversions the day before but the main site converted pretty well yesterday so that should make up for it tomorrow. CPA site is being thrashed at the moment for changing so many times in such a short period. It's got a random mix of stuff indexed so I've pulled pretty much everything and sent the new sitemap in for crawling. Hopefully it ranks again soon.

Rankings have started to improve for the two info sites. Somehow the opt-in rate hasn't really changed... which is just odd. I'm still running tests but it's such a small sample. Hopefully I can build the traffic up which will help me tests better - and make more sales.

Focusing on the two info sites over the weekend. I need to finish some of the design stuff and I'm really working on the SEO for the two of them. I've got some guest posting etc... to do as well. The small one has made two sales in the last three days. Each sale is a rebill and averages out at around ~$100 in the long run. And honestly I'm so sure I can improve this conversion rate with the funnel - not to mention setup my own product to double that commission.

I'm hoping that by the end of the weekend I've got the SEO for two of them set for a while and the rest of the design work finished. If I really get my finger out I can probably have the first draft of the email series running for both. I need to look over the numbers and see what I can afford to outsource for SEO - I want to get the Amazon sites handled for a while.
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Yesterday: $55

Whaaaat. Amazon traffic is still there but the conversions are just sucking lately. I'm going to have to try something new design wise or something. Maybe build it as a sales funnel the same way I would for digital products and promote Amazon? No idea. I'll work on them this week though, today is another day on the sales funnels.

I was actually pretty productive yesterday. I finished the front end of one funnel. It still looks pretty ugly but it's functional at least. Then fixed up the back end of another and wrote a couple of days of the email series. I'm writing the emails for the other one today.

I've no idea if these are going to work or not. The uglier version was making more sales than it used to (in fact I had a rebill today) so common sense would dictate by improving the series and (hopefully) the opt-in it should make more sales. On top of that I've just put the old series on the end of the new one for now. The other one - well I've had thousands of hops direct linking. I've no idea if this is going to work or not.

I'm aiming for a 10% opt-in and a 2% conversion to start with. That would pretty much make a sale a day. More if I can improve the rankings - they're already up.

Myeh I guess I'll see. I'm really hoping they work since I'd love to change over to doing these rather than Amazon sites. I should hopefully see some results this week - if they make sales I'll buy a bunch more domains and start putting new sites together.

*crosses fingers*


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So have you gotten paid yet from amazon? Or did you get that bank advance?
I got the bank advance - and got a laptop with it. To be fair I couldn't pass it up it's worth like £1000 and I got it for like £250. PayPal money came in to cover my costs etc... and my Amazon cheque should be in any day now.

Getting money from Amazon is no big deal - they've paid me for the last 5 months or something - it just takes time and I'm bad at managing my money in between that time.


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Lol, you should take a money management class or something brother. Curb that spending habit and things would be pretty gravy for you I'm sure.


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To be fair it's not that I buy stuff like this a lot. It's more... money just disappears. Like I don't buy anything, I don't do anything - I have nothing to show for it - I just don't have money. The laptop I just couldn't pass up on. It was a great deal and this one is just amazing to work on.

I've got an Amaozn cheque coming this week which covers rent and food etc... and the bigger cheques starting next month.

Opt-in rates have improved so far. In fact the last 16 hours or so have taken 8% of my list capacity so I'll need to upgrade that before the end of the month.

Today is pretty much a day off. I wrote two emails for the series which will cover today and tomorrow but other than that I haven't really done anything.


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I'm not going to have any hard numbers for the next while as I have to do a lot of testing before I'll know what is getting the best opt-in's and conversions.

That's if there's any conversions for that matter.

But I have maxed about 10% of my subscriber cap in like 24 hours. As problems go, that's a good one to have.

At this rate I'm going to have to upgrade this week and this is before I try building any other lists or improve that opt-in rate. Luckily if I can't convert with 4 figures on the list I can cut it back down to a cheaper price for the following month while I work on the conversions.

And if it *does* work then a few extra bucks on the email provider is more than covered by one sale.

The opt-in rate is currently around 7% for both sites. I'm looking at a redesign for one and a split test for another. I do have one build which boasts 80% opt-in rates which I might try. But it's a pretty big overhaul and would take at least a few days work to do. I might be worth a try though.

I'm currently adding another day or two to this email series. I haven't really done any hard work today but I did end up writing up a few emails. Technically I should be properly going through these with a whole layout thing taking like 5 hours per email.

But my copy sucks and I know it. For now, I just want to get at least a weeks worth out so the current subscribers have something to look at and I can start tracking metrics to see what works.