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Instead of DS'ing the item from China to the buyer, why not just have the item(s) delivered to your home? Then you can take pics of actual item and see the quality yourself, before listing on auction site. Yeah, I know you'll end up having to pay a few bucks for shipping but if there is a good profit margin then you're good to go.

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I found a seller trying to sell counterfeit Abercrombie clothing:



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Excellent post but a word to the wise.

I did this about 7 months ago and made about $2000 in 1 month selling golf equipment and hair products. I have stopped becasue the quality of some products was poor and the service was very bad if you complained on DH Gate. I actually had to open disputes through Paypal to get my money back.

This will work fine but you would be best not using a good **** account or paypal account is your name as people now complain when they get the goods - I had a nightmare with golfballs and lacoste t-shirts.

As **** needs verification for a sellers account you'd have to find another way around it. People in the UK have already been put in jail for doing this so just be careful.

I think the OP is top man for sharing this but just be careful. For me this is too much work with too much risk. For some poeple it could be a leg up though?


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I don't recommend dropshipping from china. I had to stop selling Ever Since E Bay did that crappy DSR. Everyone complained about the Delivery time. Even if you stated in the auction that it was comming from china. Fuckers wouldn't read and just complain to ****.

The biggest PITA was handling refunds and all that BS... You wanna deal with a very good drop shipper than check out


One thing about looking for a drop shipper is to stay away from the drop shipper that uses a drop shipper.
Bulk sellers that are willing to work with you are the ones to deal with. They dont want to lose your business on the other hand the ones that only contact you once a week are the bad ones. Just a little bit of word to the wise.


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If you do this you'll need a lot of ebay accounts, and preferably one with great DSRs already that you don't mind sacrificing.

You will inevitably get poor feedback for this as the stuff takes ages to get delivered and is of poor quality. If you have good DSRs then it will take a little while longer for them to decline when people start one starring you etc. Be careful of Paypal potentially limiting your account and asking for supplier invoices (they don't like Chinese ones) too and holding your money.

You can't do this in the UK anymore though, couple of complaints to the trading standards authourities and they are down on you like a ton of bricks. Fines, even prison. Don't know how you guys get away with selling so much trash on ebay over the pond!


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I read somewhere that ebay soon will only allow PayPal payments,
so if you are using alternatives and its true you should prepare..


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great share. I used to sell alot on ebay until the fees took me for a loop. will
probably try later. I still think it's better to get the product first, check the quality
and then ship yourself.


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Your method have a some difficulties to implement if you live outside US, may be some one know about some service in warehouse that they keep things and repacking then mail it for you. I wanna buy some items in bulk to store in us


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this is a great guide. I have done a lot of ebay selling myself in the past and I must say this guide pretty much wrap up all you need.

I have my share: check out tradetang.com too. This guy ois basically the same with beltal, alibaba or dhgate.

PS: anyone knows of other sites, please share here too. Thanks.


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Your method have a some difficulties to implement if you live outside US, may be some one know about some service in warehouse that they keep things and repacking then mail it for you. I wanna buy some items in bulk to store in us
Forgive me if I misunderstand, but you live outside of the US, and you want to buy bulk products and have them stored in the US, then you would have them shipped out to customers ??

Well, if it's the case, I think you can rent a mailbox - do a search on google for mailbox rental. A lot of them will allow you to scan your ID and send it to them with a payment. Then you will have a mailbox (basically a storage space in the US). Then you can always call and have the mailbox service ship the items out to wherever you want (with a fee of course). :)

You can try that, or if you are interested, pm me, I might be able to help you out.


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Yes, thanks again for this great share. You say that in the end of your method, That these were some things I personally used to do, and made bank. Does that mean that you can no longer make bank, or you no longer do this method? If so, why? Third, would you be available to answer a few questions, for us that are new, and would love to try this method?

Thanks in advance,


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Really great share man.

I am thinking about jumping to dropshipping business.

Collecting information these days so this was really useful for me.