A Social Media Paradox: What is the best time to post on your profile?


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Dec 7, 2018
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If your Social Media community is your focus, scheduling your posts may be one of your biggest headaches. Avoid sending your posts into oblivion, take advantage of the times your followers are online.
Everybody knows that people on social media are not connected in their profiles all the time. It would be absurd to think that everyone has their social media profiles constantly open, just waiting for their favorite influencers to post something online.
Knowing when to post something is complicated at first. However, not everyone realizes that you have to use your resources cleverly to find the best time to post your content online.
The Right Time to Post on Social Media Can be Difficult to Find

There isn’t a simple rule. Finding out the best time to post your content is something that you have to do on your own. It all depends on your audience, its demographics, their engagement and the appeal of your own content.
You have to be careful with how you do it so you can concentrate on your audience. You may have quite a diverse following. Or, maybe, they are more homogeneous.
Either way, it is your job to discover how your following is segmented and, based on that, make the most important decision. You have to decide when to post your content.
Know your audience, demographics are key!
Depending on how willing your audience is, you may be able to obtain lots of information about who they are. This, obviously, also depends on your niche and the type of content that you post. Many times, your following will be determined by who you are.
You have to get to know them. Engaging with them will give you the chance to find out who are your most faithful followers. It will let you discover when they are online and how they interact.
Little by little you will find out how your audience is comprised. Their age groups, gender, education. It’s all information that will be useful in finding out what they like and when they are likely to connect. Know your audience to figure out their potential connection time.
Your Audience’s Location Can Determine your Posting Schedule
Your followers’ geographical location will have a big influence on when your audience connects with you. It is not the same being in London than being in New York. An audience that spans over several different time zones may be a determining factor in how you schedule your posts.
If all your followers are in a limited geographical area, you don’t have to start posting at random hours. It is possible that they have similar times to connect. Regular work and school schedules may be quite uniform across the plain, therefore leaving you with a less complicated issue.
However, if you have a global audience, knowing when to post becomes a trickier game. You need to start scheduling your posts at times people in those different time zones are likely to connect. Once you are able to establish a pattern with your posts, you will be set. You and your audience will get used to “seeing” each other online.
Know when your followers are engaging the most
Have you noticed the times people are engaging with you and leaving comments for your posts? A few of them may be quite random, some people don’t have a specific time to interact with their social media. However, many of them become a fixture in your day.
Monitor your account’s activity. Pay attention to how your audience behaves when you post. This may be one of the most important factors in the determination of a formal posting schedule for your content.
Remember, your followers are the ones that move your brand through their interactions. Look out for real patterns of engagement within your community. Continuously engage with them. You will be thankful you paid attention.

Check your profile stats as often as you can!
Your social media profiles can tell you lots about what your followers do. Whether it is a paid service or a free one, you must rely on the power of an analytics tool. You will have all the statistics you need to make an informed decision in only a few clicks.
When you get used to having these statistics at hand, you will see that it is not all about your gut feeling. Nor is it about having to be glued to your computer’s screen all the time. Using a serious analysis tool will give you raw data to help you in your decision-making process.
Use your profile stats to set your pace. Make sure that you know which to use and apply them to your posting schedule. They will help you identify your most valuable content and also which are the best times to interact with some of your followers.
The more followers you have, the easier it will be to find the right time to post your content

When you master these factors, you can determine when it is best to post on your social media accounts. Demographics, location, engagement and your profile stats are key to setting up a successful publications schedule. Most importantly, the social media game is about knowing your public and giving them what they want.
Getting to the point where you have a significant audience may be complicated. It will take time and effort. But, remember, you need to have a solid following for you to be able to figure out when it is best to post your content.

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