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Oct 4, 2009
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All fun and games how is success made?

Back in the days we had newsgroups. Later someone improved on the idea of groups and created AOl Groups then that was done even more to yahoo groups eventually Myspace then Twitter and finally now Facebook. Each improving upon the last.

Ideas do not have to be NEW to mak you a tremendous amount of money. You can take any site that you see come up with a way to make it better and do it. That is right DO IT and become the potential next facebook of the site you are trying to improve upon.

Everyday I come across hundreds of sites that I think should be better. This is not necessarily geared towards social networks. I am speaking on every site on the web. What about fiverr? KING of selling short cheap gigs right? If you could do it knowing what you know about fiverr what would you change?

"But Smeltzer I lack the knowledge to implement my ideas :("

This is where JV's come in hand. Have an idea do not know HOW to implement it? Do you lack marketing skills? Do you lack coding knowledge? Well JV's are the solution for you. You can then if you gather a list of skill sets you need head on over to the JV forum here on MMD and try to recruit someone to help you out. You will have to think hard on what you are offering and what they would gain from this Venture.

What if you had a little money? Well I say you are part way there from there all you need to do is do some outsourcing to get the work done. With as much information as I and others have put out there on outsourcing I do not feel like we should delve too much into that subject but needless to say anything you want can be outsrouced cheaper then a days worth of food. *Well my days worth anyway lol*

So now I want to do something a little different. Please post below to your answer to this one question. Once you get the juices flowing y can see ohw this can be applied to not only the site in question but to other sites as well.

If you had to recreate fiverr knowing what you know about fiverr now what would you do differently?
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May 9, 2010
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I would create some sort of newsletter or some other form of information so I could capture the emails of the many many users that are buying or selling gigs. To make even more money. Then you can could sell ad space on the newsletter to promote peoples gigs.