aP's 100k Month - My Life - Testimonial!


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Any answer on how much $$$ you started off with? Trying to save up here, hopefully worth it in the end.
I had upper X,xxx when I started this.

Whenever you find a winner 85% of your budget will go towards it. Until then you will just be testing lots and lots and lots and lots and lots and lots of ads and lots of offers.
Great success story. I just got into IM about a week ago. I'm currently doing as I think you said, which was to study methods then take action. I've acquired a lot of information and I hope one day I can make the amount of money online as you! Thanks


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That is impressive AP good work loved you post on how you banked $11K in 2 weeks on FB was actually the first method I really made some bank with! All the best your an inspiration!


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Wow, truly inspirational for someone like me who's pushing to make $50/day! Congratulations on your success. I hope to be here to post a similar story one day!
Wow oh wow, that's all I can say. No really though, congrats! that's a whole lot of money your making, its really unreal to read about. I wish some day I can have that same success someday that your having even though I know it wont ever happen. I wish I knew how to work those CPA offers, but I don't. I just stick with the GPT sites, which sucks cuz I know I could be making a whole lot more than I am now, pretty much just making them tons of cash.