Are you banned by adsense?

Hi guys,

I got an email promoting a new pay per click system website, it works same way as adsense, even though it is not strong as adsense but you may give it a try

I changed all adsense codes on one of my blogs by this one to see the results, if it is bringing revenues, will stick on it

It's called AdZay

This is the website AdZay! - Adsense and Adwords alternative Pay Per Click Network

And if you want to help me, please join using my referral URL

My referral url :

Good luck :)

I did not go through their terms :) but google I think does not allow to combine, the best is to play safe.

Dont combine
I would be careful with Adsense as they've been known to shoot and ask questions later. If they even think you're doing something remotely wrong, they'll side with caution and drop the axe.