ATTN: Sellers and buyers both please read


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Oct 4, 2009
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In light of recent events i would like to clearly state MMD's stance on reviews. If a customer is a verifiable legit buyer he post a comment we will not remove this comment because you ask us to. Everyone has a right to there opinion. Only time this law will interfere is if you are trashing a thread and you can not provide proof that you are a customer or your are just bashing the seller. In case if this happens it is an immediate BAN. No negotiating on this.

To Sellers:
We are nothing but land owners or the land lord. You are renting a section of the forum from us. Do not expect us to moderate your customers. When you rent a brick and mortar building and open a store and have a problem with the customer do you run to the land lord and say such and such said this about my product I am trying to sell tell him to stop. Well you can do that but most likely it will do nothing more then get you laughed at. This is YOUR business and it is your number one priority to make sure that your customers are very happy. If you can not do this then you do not need to be selling in the first place. I hate to be rude but it is true. I have been selling for a long long long long time via forums and I make it my job to make sure that people are happy and if a problem does exist to make sure I disable the problem before a bad comment is left on the forum even if it means giving them a refund. Yes some people can be jerks but 99 percent of negative reviews can be avoided.

To Buyers:
Please no slander or other derogatory comments. Keep your post actual and factual and provide screen shots when necessary . Another words no personal attacks. If it does not work then screen shot it and show actual proof. A picture is worth a thousand words.A lot of times I see people leaving negative comments on something they purchased and fact is they never even tried the method. They just looked at it and said oh this is saturated. This will not work. Without even giving it any REAL effort. IF this is you then why even bother buying anything in the first place? To make yourself feel better? Just step back take a look give it a try if it does not work and IF you can make a video of your process that you did and show it not working this way everyone can see the exact same thing you are seeing.

I hope this clears up some of this issues we have been having. So now with this all being said let's make some money!!!!!