Banner advertising for local businesses - Will it work?

Hey guys, I need your help. I was wondering if you think this idea will work?

Basically what I'll be doing is making Wordpress websites based around local businesses in my area. I will be writing highly optimized articles, social bookmarking and doing SEO etc in order to get these sites as close to the number 1 position as possible.

Then I will be creating about 10 banner ads and sending out emails to potential clients in the niche my optimized Wordpress site is based upon, and will rent out each banner ad for about 100-200 dollars a month; of course, this depends on the niche. I want to restrict the number of banner ads to 10 so that it is really exclusive.

My original intention was to place these banner ads underneath the navigation bar and above the blog posts. However, I'm not entirely sure if this will work (eg. if whether I need some coding knowledge etc)

So back to my question - do you think this idea will work? Will it be hard to implement?

Thanks guys
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