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Dude , i've got a question , if i pay 300$ dolars and i don;t have any feedback on my Ebay acc.. do you thing that i can .. make this paid 300 $ .. that i paid .... Just asking. ..
hi ,, i had see and check the dropsiphhing link in this thread but i cant find any website who pays with liberty reserve,, can someone tell me which dropshipping website who accept liberty reserve pament, or other than paypal, cos palpay is suck ... bloodsucker
Hi. Since I'm working my ass off to move products for a manufacturer, I'm not sure why I have to pay for the privilege. I understand that most are middlemen, and alibaba is above my level of business ability. Does anyone know of middle men who charge the manufacturers and not me? Or that work on a percentage per sale basis?



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world wide brands is a great company, i have been using them for years now and i have not yet had a bad experience with them, they have an expencive plan but you only pay once for the life of your company and they have so many products to choose from you should check them out
Hi everyone. I can help you to find very good dropshipping service. No middlemen, or any other fucker. I know a legit company with REAL services. Please send me a message. BUT only suitable for EU countries only.