Best paypal paying dating affiliate & Traffic Tool


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I have a blog that is raking in nice traffic. I want a dating affiliate that pays via paypal and has nice deals. I have tried CPA bt it sucks.
Also please advise me a tool that would help me realise the amount of traffic hitting my website and the number of backlinks i currently have. Currently i am using Google analytics to monitor traffic bt m not satisfied.

# me a noob when it comes to SEO
You can check out they pay out weekly and pay through paypal. No holds! Conversion ratios are good as well one of the better ratios in the industry since they do not shave you get all the sales rather then every second or third on other sites.
If you are looking for making money online, then affiliate marketing business would be the best option for you. Most of internet marketers are doing affiliate marketing to make their living. Also, it is a cheap business that will give you full-time income if you do it properly.