Best way to get Google traffic - Social Bookmarking


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I'm gonna be straight up with you guys....
If you wanna get something on the first page of Google within 2 weeks.... USE SOCIAL BOOKMARKING SITES!!!

I personally use Digg... but you can use Stumbleupon/ Technorati/, and many others!!!

What I do is :
1. find something I want on page 1
2. figure out "HOW" people would search for it
--example: Acai Berry Weight Loss Supplements
--answer: I would name the title of my Digg Article "Acai Berry Weight Loss Review"
3. use keywords in the description of your article
--example: Acai, Berry, Review, Weight Loss, Easy, etc...
4. submit the article to the Social Bookmarking site
--example: you basically write a title/description, and aim it at your landing page/ squeeze page
5. Have people Digg your submission, or Stumble your submission...... once you get enough Stumble's or Digg's, your article will be on the 1st page of Google!!!

Very easy traffic tecnique guys!!!... Don't abuse it though!!! Digg/ Stumble don't like spam!!!....