Betting Bot For Betfair X-games


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Here is your chance to bet all day 24 hrs a day on total auto pilot.

Over 8 months of testing to 100's of people, UltraXTRADER is the fully AUTOMATED betting bot that people have been talking about. Now you can find out how you can add this "set and forget" bot to your arsernal of betting tools....

If you want to use Betfair at times that suit you, then read on, this is what you have been looking for!!!

UltraXTRADER is one of the first Betfair X-Games bots to give you full automated betting.

Main Features.

Manual, Autotrade, Full Auto

Save / Load and Share Scenarios

Staking - When activated Scratch back from 1 to x

Stake Type - Stake, Liability and % of Bank

Trade Out settings - For Profit or Loss

Profit/Loss Stop - Bot will stop when figure reached

Continuous Profit - Reset profit figure allowing you to bank profit

Hand sort by - Index (type), Rank (by price) or Random (any hand)

Bet on any round

Lay or Back

Win and loss tracked by Graph

7 unique pattern matching auto bet features.

NEW - You can now choose multiple pattern matching sequences for entering or exiting a game.
i. Profit / Loss
ii. Number of wins / Losses
iii. loss win sequence (LLLWWW)
iV. Ladder staking will reset to 0 after WWWW
V. Ladder staking now applies to all hands rather than a game win/lose streak
Vi. Get in on a pattern sequence get out on profit.
Vii.Widen odds, for example; use the 3rd best odds in the ladder instead of the best.

NEW - Faster Simulation mode now run 30 days data in aprox 1.5 hrs. Run your scenarios in paper trading against downloadable historical data, captured by us.

NEW - Technical trend - This great little feature allows you to set a moving average on the PL graph based your rules performance over a number of games, and " get in and out" based on peaks in that graph.

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