Bicycle accident...


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Hey, my colleague had a bicycle accident last week.
She was riding in a residential area, she was unexpectedly hit by a car in the backside. She only had a leg sprain as she fell from the bicycle, so didn't note the vehicle's number.
It has been three days, and last day she couldn't control the pain in the office and I fetched her to the hospital and realized that she has a fracture in the right leg. The doctor has advised her to take rest for a month! Due to some technical reason our company couldn't let her work from home! So she will be having a loss of pay leave! So to help her to find the vehicle and to get non-earner and med rehab benefits I'm going to meet a bicycle accident lawyer tomorrow. I have gone through their website but couldn't find the remuneration and related things. Do you have any idea about how costly is an accident lawyer? Also is there any preparations to be done from my side before meeting the attorney?
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