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Bumping Threads
MMD is a place not only to get advice, but to have fun and talk about a variety of different topics.
A common problem with the forums is thread bumping.

There is always the question of when a BUMP is in order. Bumping Threads: "Bumping" is the act of artificially and repeatedly elevating a thread or topic of discussion to the first page of a forum.
Usually it is not a good idea to BUMP a thread unless it has pertinent information, and will benefit the membership. No one wants to read a thread, just because you had to always have it at the very top. It is in bad taste to BUMP a thread that, is only self serving.
And is frowned upon.

Posting on an old thread that asks a question is highly unneeded for many reasons.
For one, the question most likely has already been answered. Also, the person who has posted the question is either long gone from the forums, or has his or her answer and has solved the issue. If you feel that more information needs to be added to a thread, feel free to PM a moderator of that forum and ask them if they think it is good to add your information, or if you should withhold from posting anything on a thread.

In MMD, bumping threads is usually discouraged, as many threads may be time sensitive. The main reason why threads move on and are no longer posted in is because they’re no longer needed or wanted. Questions get answered, problems get solved and discussions end. It’s best to let the natural passing of threads happen. If you want to talk about a certain topic or ask a question, your first action should be to search for it.
A current discussion of a topic may be already in full swing. An answer to a common question may already be posted, and you may not need to post a new thread asking that common question. By searching, you may also find that a topic has been posted a lot, and posting it again will not be the best choice.

Though we don’t want to discourage anyone from posting, posting a question or topic too much isn’t beneficial. If you aren’t sure whether or not to post on a thread or post a new thread, contact a moderator of that forum, a global moderator or admin, and they will happily tell you whether or not to post.

Thanx for your understanding. GoHF