Can any1 translate this? Idk what language it's in, might be irish. It could be just gibberish.?


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Mise ar deireadh vitar go,go dti tuig daoine coisir ni thu ca huair go,go dti stad de daoine eile solathar daoine eile bearta daoine eile pian sin siad udar go,go dti daoine eile. Sin siad coisir daoine eile mease guirleidi agus coisir ni cothrom aithreachas se. Eileamh daonna agus eileamh ni nath caine te me bullia fir olc giuileide ach ndairire cen uair tu faoi dheireadh tuig conas go leor lon aon persa canna inis tu faoi dheireadh smaoinigh ach mise fir seo ach mise fada sriteir i seo slan am? Is cad chuige fada mise feictar go,go dti stad?
Looks like Irish to me. I have a built in dictionary for my laptop (to help me with my dyslexia, if I read the definition, I won't misread a word) and it portrays it as Gaelic words.

Hope that helps.


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Looks like Gaelic, yep. I found a few good translation sites (they're in my sources), but to get a decent translation you'll have to go a word at a time. Just do a CTRL+F or Apple Key+F to look for the words you're searching for.


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Its Irish but it very bad Irish. The grammar is awful so its tough to read and makes some bits untranslatable, but I'll do my best,

me at last vitar until, up to understand people party you dont what hour until, up to stop people to other people supplying other people acts other people pain that they cause until, up to other people. That they party other people mease guirleidi and party not level regret he. Human request and request not nath caine hot me bullia bad men giuileide but serious what hour you about last understand how enough lunch one persa can tell you about last think but me man here but me long sriteir in here bye time. And why long me see until, up to stop?

Some of the words are meaningless (like vitar).

Its Irish gibberish. I think its intentional gibberish too. When some one who doesnt understand how Irish is structured tries to look word up in a dictionary and write it in the same order as English you can usually figure out what they are trying to say.

This is just a string of nonsense.