Can you say the benefits of outsourcing a Content marketing Agency in India?

Businesses have to stay ahead of their competitors by advertising and marketing their products. They have to come up with novel ad campaigns and catchy marketing slogans. For being successful, it is essential to know the latest trends in content writing. Can you say the benefits of outsourcing a Content Marketing Agency in India?
Talking about benefits of outsourcing, I could distinguish these ones:
  • Cost advantages
  • Increased efficiency
  • Focus on core areas
  • Save on infrastructure and technology
  • Access to skilled resources
  • Time zone advantage
  • Faster and better services

I highly recommend reading this article , it explains peculiarities of different types of outsourcing (onshore, nearshore and offshore).
The advantages are :

[1] Global talent at your doorstep
[2] 60% decrease in costs
[3] Focus on core expertise
[4] Faster time to market
[5] Flexibility

66% of the entrepreneurs nod YES when it comes to software outsourcing and this number is increasing with each passing day. Cost is a crucial factor behind this. take a look at the Offshore software development rates for IT outsourcing based on regions.