Cut the CRAP people!

After having a bit of a chat with an older member, I've decided to post a little rant that I had with him:

To start things off, I know that there has been a lot of issues with people being banned/demoted from BHW for no substantial reason. Is this unfair? Yes. I know that it is, but I'm pretty sure all of you should know by now that constant b****ing will do nothing positive! Infact it's even making MMD suffer a bit. Take a look for yourself... Two b****ing threads are in the most active in MMD. Infact Bo's thread is the most active/viewed thread in MMD. This doesn't say a lot for us when the most viewed thread is about b****ing instead of money making, like this forum was designed for!

Now, the admins have decided to take an approach that lets everyone be a little bit freer as they don't wish to constrain and control people like other forums do. This is beyond great, but in doing so a lot of you have abused this right and have gone as far as getting a rep for MMD as a place for "banned BHW members". Now this is not a bad thing at all, as I know a lot who were banned are indeed awesome! and were unjustly judged. But instead of constantly complaining about BHW and how BHW does this and that, you need to remember that you are in MMD, not BHW!

Yes I agree that people should be able to vent their frustrations. But this should be your new home. When you move into a new house is the first thing you do: complain about your old house and how it was horrible because of a leaky roof? NO! You would talk about how lovely your new house is and want to fill it up with all of your ideas and possessions.

Why not learn to treat MMD like this? Fill her with knowledge and wisdom!

Everyone here needs to show BHW what their missing out on and not the opposite way. Show them that your doing even better here, and share some great methods to spite them if it makes you feel better! (Hey, more knowledge is more knowledge. It doesn't matter the context that it's given in).

From past knowledge, I know MMD is more than meets the eye. The only problem is a lot of the older members wish to stay out of such controversy. Which leads the masses to believe the only people who come here are people with 1 post, and their first post is about how horrible BHW is. So we need everyone to help out and show that we are not just some place to vent. But that we are a community with great information behind it, that only a fool wouldn't join!

A bit longer than my original rant. But I felt that it needed a bit more depth!


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I know MMD is more than meets the eye. The only problem is a lot of the older members wish to stay out of such controversy.

Us older folks don't have time or desire for such nonsense. We are only
interested in... Making Money and helping others avoid the potholes we
have passed over already.

To me this is all water under the bridge. We have more pressing battles
to fight and conquer.

If you are not thinking "how do I make my biz better RIGHT NOW" you are
not working smart with your time and brain space.

Avoid the loss of traction by not turning into the swampland of bitterness.

So you were banned big deal.

Look at it as a gain not a loss.
You know now that here is where you need to be and should be.
You need to invite a friend here right away.

Time is the possession you never possess.
It is only on loan to you and it is ticking away faster then you can use it.

Start asking questions or answering questions that will move you or this
forum forward.

Don't look at YOUR plate look at the Table.

I for one am certain that you are here for ALL the right reasons, so get
to prospering from them.



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Great words of wisdom from both of you. This is what I like to see on MMD. Its good to see the true words behind my goals here. You guys are speaking like Im trying to implement. Thanks for the kind words.

Yes we are mostly an older bunch here anyways. Nothing wrong with some young vibrant minds either. MMD is just a stepping stone for ones path the prosperity, you just have to get on the path and start walking.


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Thanks for the senseful post :)

I am glad that the forum is buzzing with activity, although I regret the fact that the most active threads are indeed ranting threads, which gives the wrong impression to the general public.

Free speech remains somewhere near the top of our checklist though :)

God of Hell Fire

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These are great words, we old fart's live by and only hope we can prosper in the future for the forums sake.
I cannot stress that while Bo's overly popular thread, was a bit extreme for some member's, but I believe it allowed alot of steam to be released and should hopefully not be re-occurring here. BHW is not our equal or partner, so let's forget them and move on..


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I wanted to add my 2cents -"A Noobs Perspective" as it were...

I've learned FAR more being a member here than any either forum, and I'm not saying that to poo-poo any other.

The mix here for me just has seemed to work. I can ask a TOTAL noob question without worrying about being flamed. And I'm rubbing elbows with the creators of some the most famous and infamous software available.

I've had an affiliate account at a major for over a year and this month was the 1st that I actually made a check. All with the help of the little gems of information scattered all over this forum.

You can't go forward by looking back, so however you got here or for whatever reason, let's keep rolling, growing, and making this place that EVERYONE wants to come to.....



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This forum has a rare aspect to it: This forum respects each other just for having a common interest and that is not only essential for a good atmosphere, but it really does make you want to learn rather than just think f**k it I can't be bothered.

Peace and love to MMD :D


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This is a completely individual forum.

Would you go to WF to whine about being banned from BHW? Or go to DP about being banned from WF?


And this community is much better. I mean, look at the tools and programs being sold out here. This is stuff that brings you REAL MONEY.

Bodeezy is giving out software he's selling at BHW :)

I've got my first major piece of software coming out in less than a month, that's going to be open to 100 people only. A powerful 100% automated link builder.

Guess how many spots BHW members will get?


So forget about BHW. It's the blackhat version of DP. Useless if you want to learn information.


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Im going to post this in this thread because it suits whats been going on lately. I banned Recovery and Smithers today. Both of them have done nothing but bring this community down. This forum is about making money. This isnt a daddy day care. If all your going to do is come to MMD to cause a stir and bring negative vibes regardless of the situation your not wanted either.

I have never been able to make money in a negative mind frame. MMD is for people who have a positive outlook on life and who want to further there income by sharing ideas here.

Im tired of this negative vibe the past week and its going to stop. Theres way to many people here who want to make money and read about the positive things going on here for it to be all washed up because of there negativity.

Just as the Title states




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ironically this post has negativity to it.
however i never noticed the negative things except for the few training thingo's that didn't turn out well.


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I feel if you post in crap can or general discussion whats the matter? If some people here dont want to read about it, nobody is forcing them to open th elink and read the thread...

People need to vent..

But this should be your new home. When you move into a new house is the first thing you do: complain about your old house and how it was horrible because of a leaky roof? NO! You would talk about how lovely your new house is and want to fill it up with all of your ideas and possessions.
When I move into a new home such as I did from a crappy home I vented for a week about how crappy the other place was compared to this..

When people come from BHW to here, they need to vent out and share their experience...Thats what i thought crap can or general discussion was for...

I hope we dont start too much censorship here, that would be moving in the other forum direction which is not good


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This post really makes sense. We should know what threads are worth commenting and worth viewing for. Thanks for posting what many of us here have in mind.