Daily deals make your discount offers catchier


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Jul 23, 2014
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Imagine reading two advertisements where the same products are offered for slashed rates, through two different marketing strategies. While the first one revolves around the phrase ‘cheaper rates’, the second one is an innovatively created daily deal that offers an ‘amazing’ discount for a set of customers who buys them within the specified time.

The most sought choice among both of them would be the second one, due to a set of diverse reasons. The most important one among them is the right way of offering a discount. Although the first ad undoubtedly offers the same discount, the awkward use of the word ‘cheap’ significantly lowers the sense of quality of the product /brand. While ‘cheap’ and ‘cheaper’ are often used to express the amount of lucrative offers that a customer can look for, these words leave a noticeable amount of uncertainties about the quality of the product or service that is offered, thereby leading to a perceptible shrinkage in the number of expected customers.

The second advertisement, on the other hand, has the very same discount offer in an innovative, eye-catching, and credible way, to lure customers to buy them without ado. Daily deals are limited time offers that promise guaranteed discounts for a fixed number of people who register them from the online store of companies/brands that offer the deal. These stores are custom designed using cutting edge Daily Deal Website Builder platforms that can help create and launch incredible daily deals of high quality.