Do Social Media Marketing Services really help a business get sales?

As everyone knows, businesses can gain traffic or attention via social media marketing services. What kind of strategies marketing services put into social marketing? Business people, please share your experiences about your results. Does it useful in giving you returns or is it a mere activity of youngsters sharing things between themselves?
In small and medium business, social media, especially Facebook, helps your business a lot. It's not only get traffic, get engagements, get visitor via social its also help you to build your brand awareness, sell your products, your services quickly with cheaper cost. With Facebook, there have many types of advertisement on it and base on your business you want, you can run each ads types belong to it, example: CPC, Boost post, Get like, Get lead, video view,...
Yes social media is extremely fundamental no matter if you have a small business or a large business you are going to need it to boost your business, but many people just carryout traditional social media marketing like sharing in groups sharing on official pages, but in reality you have to make professional looking tabs and tabs that can grab emails of the visitors at your page and that data and email list could allow you to directly engage with your visitors via email marketing. Its not just manual stuff you have to use tools like Bleupage PRO and Tabfu they are really good at this. Below you can see a little bit of detail of the features of the software it will help you further decide whether you need a software for your social media efforts or not.

The business marketer knows that without promotional activity it is not easy to increase the sales and social media provides the best option for the promotional activity for the business. If you use the right platform like Facebook then you can able to increase the reach of your targeted audience which provides the best conversion rate for the marketer.
Social media marketing intents at increasing your sales, and profit margin. The only way it differentiated from offline sales is its wider audience coverage through the Web.