Do you know any course to sell door to door Internet Services?


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Hi heartdragon

I won't suggest going "door to door" as that just doesn't work. ever...

Pre-selling is always a good idea.

There is a very good course called "Offline Hero's method" which shows you (amongst other things) how to approach businesses.

For companies that already have websites (that doesn't look that great) - you can use
to do a simple screen recording of their website and one or two things you can point out which you can improve.

Just make it approx 3 min long,
and go through how people search online nowadays for a company like the one you're trying to help,

1) show them that they aren't showing up in Google Places...
2) and show and example of their competition showing up. (ouch)
3) Tell them that you help companies who aren't showing up in internet search results to get more visibility.

That way they feel the pain (of their competition outranking them, which they might not have known they had),
but also see YOU as the solution to their pain (which you are - if you're ethical and helpful)

At the end of the video (or in the footer) leave them your contact details (or website if you have one)
and a clear call to action on how to get in touch

Then send this link to the video in an email (not a long email, just a short one where you say you've made a video about their website about a couple of ideas you want to discuss with them)

Some will call or email you back, others won't...

This makes them pre-qualify themselves to you, and is much more targeted than those spammy emails they receive each and every day.

Also, if you call up a few days later you're not cold calling.. and just asking whether they saw your email and video
a) if they did you can offer to come and find out their requirements
b) if they didn't watch the video, just say something like:
"oh I appreciate you're probably really busy, so I'll let you get on with things,
but when you watch the video when you're relaxed just give me a call if you need more info."
Have a nice day...

If you don't like recording your voice,
You can do the same technique with postcards or letters through the mailbox,
but the key is making it personal and RELEVANT to the company.

For more courses just search this forum for "GET LOCAL" and you'll find years of training... which you most probably don't need.
Just do it.

Good luck!, and let us know how you get on.


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I sell B2B (Business to Business) and have done it very successfully for over 10 years now. I currently am a web designer, local marketer and seo consultant. I stop in the business and give them a free listing in business directory and then I do a free evaluation of their current marketing project. Go into the business and don't try to sell them anything. Just go in to set an appointment (Mr. Jones, I would like to show you how you can get more customers in the door for less than what you are currently paying). Do keyword research for their business and find out how their site is ranking for those keywords. Print the report out and take it with you to your appointment with the business owner. Do a review of their site and take that with you. I started out using a free mini report from coffee cup firefactor. Find a business that has just started or is not getting much traffic. My first site I charged $250 and now I charge $1000 or more for a 5 page site.