Do you play any sports?

Well my friend this was a type of question that I will just love to answer. My life is sports or sports is my life, both the ways are correct to describe this 14.75 years life span of mine. If I start it from the starting when I was a toddler I used to be ill a lot and from the time I was born till approx. 5 years after that I was in my doctor’s clinic. I was ill most of the time and my parents who love me the most were afraid that what would happen with me and then finally after a lot of discussion I was introduced to a merely 6 letter word “SPORTS”, which just changed my life. My immune system got better and better and touch wood it should remain the same. Then, I just had had a one sided love affair with sports and then I had started from skating and then went on to cricket, table tennis, lawn tennis, swimming, football, rollball, roller hockey, badminton and some more. I don’t love any particular sports but just sports. In my present life I just can’t live without sports. So, I think I have answered the questioner. Sorry for being personal couldn’t just control the feeling. For more please follow the link below.
I used to play football when I was college. Now I prefer to spend time with my friends simply watching some great matches of our favorite team and bet through from time to time because it is very exciting to guess who will win
I used to play football when I was a teenager until I broke my left arm :D
Since then I gave it up and never thought about trying again. I decided to choose something less traumatic but still exciting, and my choice fell on gambling. There are a lot of its kinds, some even include both casino games and sports betting (such as 365bet), others are more gaming-oriented (like Golden Tiger — ). I play both of them because each possesses my favorite titles and have its own specifics that I may like or dislike. Most importantly, they are all from trusted software providers that guarantee the safety of your personal data and money.