Do You Smoke

Crown Demon

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"People each other are on war on an argument that smoking is bad, smoking is great enjoyment, smoking is killing, smoking was relief. That's just a picture of nowadays..."

So, i do smoke about 8 to 10 smokes a day...when my job goes the worst i could go a pack a day or maybe two..

how about you people, how much do you smokes a day..? give a little chit chat about it..


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I have never smoked - any thing. Don't ever intend to start. I am probably one of the few people who think it is wrong for others to say you can't smoke, especially in private places. I understand some are bothered by smoke and smokers should respect that. But it should work both ways.


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I quit 18 years ago after smoking 1 and 1/2 packs a day for almost 20 years. I still miss it. All of it. Buying them, tamping down a pack, lighting up and taking that first deep drag..............mmmmmmm. Best addiction I ever gave up.


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Never smoked, never will... Too much shit happens to you, when you smoke for many years. (Or at least the proberbility increases greatly)


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I tried to smoke (cigs) but it didn't fit me well. Smoked a lot of California KGB but gave that up 11 years ago. Got married, had kids, started going church; Dad 4 life.

Boston George

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Yeah regretfully I'm a smoker too for the better part of my life with numerous failed attempts under my belt. And although I've cut way back in these last 6mos to right around a 1/2 a pk (sometimes even less) a day, I'm still unable to fully Quit!

Unfortunately, I daresay it's a nasty habit I'll more than likely end up taking to the grave with me.

Frank Scherer

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I have seen this same exact thread, word for word on other forums. Whats the deal? Of course people smoke and for the most part they all do it because nicotine is highly addictive.


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I enjoy the smell of cigarretes when others smoke but I cant stand the taste so I never smoke. Plus ive had my grandpa die from cancer related to smoking. Its just a sensless... expensive habit. Now on the other hand, there are certain things I enjoy smoking ;)


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Great thread. I got 7 years + down as an ex smoker after 29 years of it. Never went there again

Its taken all of my non smoking time for my lungs to just start coming right now - wow.

but good -I don't miss it at all. How can you miss something that was killing you ?

It was the hardest thing I have ever known to quit. and I quit a lot of things but nicotine was the hardest.

5 attempts to stop forever spread over the previous 7 years or so saw number 5 succeed

I will never ever smoke again I don't think and am fiercely working on something at the moment that is going to help millions of people to be able to quit for life :)


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At the moment I am up to 20 smokes a day. And I have always really liked the smell and the taste so that's probaly why I have been smoking over half of my lifetime(I'm 20)


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used to smoke marb reds, quit several years back with the occasional party offer here and there. Quit for good last year. I refuse the risk of starting up such a costly habit again. Now, cigarettes up here are $8+ for a pack of marb reds. That is a HELL NO in my book.

My recreational habits on the other hand are rare and far between, just when I'm too stressed to work and need something to relax. ;)