Do You Smoke

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Not want to quit, but I felt bouldered..lOL, gotta turn this smoke off a while..Aye this is nothing, going to smoke later..cheers


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I started smoking when I was 15. Quit when I turned 30, started back at 38, then quit two years ago.
I don't plan on starting again. Sometimes I miss it, but mostly don't think about it anymore. My wife
still smokes and I go outside and sit with her while she has one, doesn't bother me a bit. I hope she'll
quit soon but I'm not her 5-O and she can do anything she wants to.

As far as non-smokers and the ranting I've heard about smelly smoke, they have a point. I used to
travel quite a bit for my job and at that time I smoked. I recently pulled one of the suit cases I used
back then down from the attic and opened it up and I couldn't believe it, the smell of smoke
wafted up out of that suit case and it being up there for about 3 years. Yeeks!

Anyway, that's my take. Live life to the fullest any way you see fit and be happy, lets others be happy
in their own way and "make monies on the interwebs". Peace.


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I love smoking weed. I'm a happy and healthy contributing member of society, but after a long days work I like to get together with a few friends and smoke to relax. It's really an amazing thing, I think everyone should at least try it.


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Enjoy your smoke one or two a day. If you try to give up you will never be able to. But when you say I enjoy my smoke but not as a crutch your smoking will reduce considerably.


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"People each other are on war on an argument that smoking is bad, smoking is great enjoyment, smoking is killing, smoking was relief. That's just a picture of nowadays..."

So, i do smoke about 8 to 10 smokes a day...when my job goes the worst i could go a pack a day or maybe two..

how about you people, how much do you smokes a day..? give a little chit chat about it..
From a cigar to a normal fag, from a joint to a hookah! I smoke it all! Still I don't smoke that much though, I think I average about 5 a day. But when I drink a beer or two I always seem to smoke more!
I don't smoke, but I did at high school and college, not very often. I noticed modern teenagers have wider choice, at least they are allowed to vape. I've been a lurker at a vaping community, and most of guys (and some online sources) confirm vaping is safe. I also noticed that lots of people gave up smoking precisely due to vaping, that sounds interesting to me.
My father smoked for over than 30 years. Now he has troubles with health and his doc says he needs to get rid of it. He has already became addicted to smoking so he can't just drop it. I've bought a vape for him but it also doesn't help the treatment. I'm thinking about buying him some nicotine gums I've read about on Canadian Pharmacy. I hope that will help him as it is written that this can help stop smoking by reducing withdrawal symptoms and nicotine cravings.
I quit smoking after giving birth to a son. My son is already three years old and during that time I have not smoked a single cigarette. Now I lead a healthy lifestyle and go in for sports. Last year, I became interested in cycling. I want to take a children's bicycle trailer see here to take my son with me on walks.