DoubleJack is changing the paradigm with its utility token.


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Mar 8, 2018
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Great igaming lottery platform for making money. DoubleJack’s ICO will also offer a digitized stakeholding utility asset to users, building the foundations for the company’s philanthropic, igaming lottery platform.

DoubleJack, a global fintech startup, launches its Tron-based DJACK utility token, designed to give users, who are normally geo-blocked by local barriers, access to its lottery platform and its associated benefits.

The funds from the utility token sale will be used to build its insurance program and sell insurance-linked securities (ILS), which will enable the company to offer a much larger jackpot.

Around the world, a number of countries have created geoblocking parameters to prevent their local populations from partaking in igaming, a market volume of nearly one trillion USD by 2025.

Most igaming and lottery programs are not philanthropic in nature and do not offer real stakeholder opportunities. In the spirit of improving upon the absences of these elements in the industry, DoubleJack is changing the paradigm with its utility token.

In addition to granting buyers access to the platform to buy lottery tickets, the token will afford buyers unique opportunities immediately upon purchase:

Finally, winners of the lottery jackpot will be offered the opportunity to work with Turner Little wealth management firm as part of the wealth management initiative.

Ultimately, users will be the greatest beneficiaries because they will not only access the igaming platform but will also benefit from the philanthropic ecosystem.

Providing innovative opportunities for users.

The new token that DoubleJack offers will grant buyers access to the platform to buy lottery tickets and multiple other opportunities, including:

Influencer income:

According to the official press release, token holders will get the chance to earn passive income by becoming influencers and sending referral QR code links to other people.

For every 20 people who are getting a referral code, the influencer will learn a passive income of $100. An influencer can work his/her way up to $6 million over time.

The passive income amount depends on the influencer’s DoubleJack.Club status. Passive income will be distributed from one-third of the lottery’s total jackpot.


Winners of the jackpot lottery will receive the opportunity to work with Turner Little wealth management company in order to help them get their business objectives.

Philanthropic opportunities:

Influencers are encouraged to develop charitable initiatives, contributing to local charities with their passive income.

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7,000,000 USD

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20,000,OOO USD

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